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The Only Thing I Liked about SFC


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If you have ever played Command, you would know they took way too many liberties with the music and padded the crap out of the gameplay. Its honestly sickening how they screwed it up that much, especially with the controls as butchered as they were. While the graphic quality was impressive and choices you can make in the story gave a good feeling of change, there was one thing in this whole mess that I found solace in:

The return of Peppy's Sacrifice theme from Star Fox Assault. That is my second favorite piece in all of Star Fox history, and Im sad that no one ripped it from the cutscene yet. If you dont know what Im talking about, watch the cutscene bother before and after the Aparoid Homeworld ground mission. The BGM is effectively Peppy's Sacrifice, embodying the virtues of duty, service, and inevitably, the sacrifice of ones self for the greater good. It was Peppy's theme, and it was thankfully translated into Star Fox Command as Peppy and James' theme.

It also correlates to the Assault version of the Arwing, my personal favorite. Thank god for canonical references.

If I could get the orchestrated version on mp3, thatd be my theme everywhere I go. Itd be the way I go out: In style.

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