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ermahgerd, Towerfall is on steam (and PS4), well as "Towerfall Accession" which is basically an addition of a full single player and a Co-op mode, and a refined multiplayer mode. Towerfall is archery combat game. The small touches really do make this game special.. such as, shooting off hats, stealing the victor's crown, dashing, catching arrows, stump brawls, slo-mo power-ups replaying at normal speed, and other spoilery things I will not mention.

Some had the sads when they learned that Accession would not be pursuing online mutliplayer, but I'll be honest, the original vision for Towerfall was for couch with friends type gaming and there is nothing wrong with that, given that it is executed so well. Though, I'm sure the devs will at least consider writing the netcode for any future updates/iterations.

I was hooked 4lyfe as soon as found the dash button, back on the ouya release.Two is fun, three is fantastic, four is WILD. Here are the results of a team battle with me on the ledge...

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