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The Hobbit; Kingdoms of Middle Earth


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(this game is playable on Android and for Apple and is free to download, any "payments" made are towards anything in game)

Welcome to Middle Earth, in the days of Elves and Dwarfs.

Choose your side. Build your City. Amass an Army. Conquer the Goblins and Orc Armies as you pave the way to battle the Dragon, Smaug.

This is a game available only on the two phones or tablets for the products mentioned above. You can choose to either be an Elf or a Dwarf. The game takes place in the fictional worlds of the famous J.R.R. Tolkien series "The Hobbit". The game play is pretty simple, build and improve on your inner city and your resources, which I will take a few moments to explain each of the three "views"

City View:
In this view you can see and build anything inside the walls.
These buildings are:
The Keep - Needed to be improved to level up homes, gain more plots for resources and control more "Wilds"
Homes - Raise your Populace
Barracks - Train Troops to increase your Might
Walls - Defend your city with wall troops
Main Hall - Level up your "Hero" Characters such as Gandalf, Bilbo, Radagast, etc.
Stables - Train higher level of troops
Tavern - Increase your troops marching speed.
Forge - Train Higher levels of Troops
Armory - Train Higher levels of Troops
Muster Field - See your troops and march your troops
Watchtower - watch for incoming attacks from other players
Embassy - Join or create an Alliance
Academy - Perform Research to improve certain perks of the game (such as build things faster, harvest more resources, etc.)
Sage's Tower - Collects relics such as Title Deeds for more cities, or even join in on certain events that Kabaam introduce.
Vault - Keep resources safe if attacked by other players.

With the exception of Homes and Barracks, you can only build one of everything else inside the city. Keep in mind, that in order to level up some buildings, OTHER buildings must be at a specific level in order to continue (EX: in order to get a Home to say level 3, your Keep must be at level 3. To get the Keep to level up to level 3, your Wall must be at level 3. Etc.) Each building can go up to level 9 with these methods. To go up to level 10, you need an in game item called "Hobbit Building Crew". there are a few ways to get this item, either by buying it, chance events, or from a special feature "Galadriel's Chance". I will try to explain more of this later. Needless to say, the higher the level of your buildings, the more that happens.

Outer City:
There is only four point to this view:
Farms - Harvest Food
Arbortum - Increase Wood
Quarry - Increase Stone
Ore Vein - Increase Ore

Increasing these Resource Plots will do two things. Increase production of the selected Resource, and Increase the Holding Capacity (how much you can build up to before you cannot make any more of that Resource). You can choose which Resource you want more of, and what you want less of by Deconstructing them.

World View:

From here you encounter three things. Goblin Camps, six different styles of Wilds, and other players.

Goblin Camps: there are 10 levels of Goblin Camps. The higher the level, the higher the difficulty. Quick tip; by attacking level 6 or higher gives you the chance of finding "City Relics", which can be taken to the Sage's Tower and exchanged for Second City, Third City, or Fourth City title deeds. (btw, you can only have a max of 4 cities). They can also be attacked for Resources, but keep an eye on your "Might".

Wilds. There are Six different Wilds found all across the map view. They are as Followed

Grasslands: Increase Food production
Hills: Increase Stone Production
Mountains: Increase Ore Production
Forest: Increase Wood Production
Lake: Increase Food Production
Plain: Build a new City upon this plot.

Ok, maybe a bit for an explanation. If you scroll back up to where I speak of the Inner City and The Keep. You will see a reference to Wilds there. Here is how the Wilds work, just like Goblin Camps, Wilds have 10 different levels as well. When your Keep reaches a certain level, you can "control" more Wilds. Wilds actually help to increase production of Resources, which can be a MAJOR help. The higher the level of the Wild (except for the Plains), the more of an increase you can get. (EX: Level 10 Wilds give a 50% increase towards a specific Resource. So (If your Keep is at Level 10) if you control 10 level 10 Grasslands, Food Production will be increase by 500%!!!!)

As for Plains, it is best not to try to find any until you are ready to build another City. At which case, you will have to take control of a Plains in order to build that City. I suggest just finding a level 1 Plains to save on Might.

Well, I cannot think of anything else right off the top of my head to put into this that helps explain the game a bit more....other then tips that is.

Quick Tips:
1. Build Resource First: The 4 Resources do not require anything else to be leveled up in order to go up. They also happen to be the core for several buildings and needs for Research.

2. Level up the Vault!: Keeping Resources are essential to this game as they are needed to Train Troops and level up Buildings. It is best to Level the Vault up as quickly as possible.

3. Research. There is TEN different things to Research in this game, all of which give a grand boost towards your city, and make it especially easier to build more cities.

4. Alliances: Make great use of the Alliance feature. Most Alliances are more than inviting to new players. They can also e a great help in requesting resources to be use.

5. (this one is kind of an unspoken rule) NO WILD FLIPPING!: If you are on the hunt for Wilds to boost production, whatever you do, DO NOT ATTACK and take another players Wilds. This may and probably cause MAJOR issues for not only yourself, but your entire alliance if you mess with the wrong persons Wilds. That being said, I have played this game for nearly a year, and have rarely lost any Wilds to another player (They mainly did it too be a major pain in the butt). But please, do not be a Wild Flipper.

6. Might and Upkeep: Keep in mind that a single soldier adds a certain amount of Might, they are not just "one" person. Upkeep is in reference to Food production. Your troops have to eat, so make sure that the intake isn't higher then what you are producing.

7. Use Cities wisely: I actually bring this as a "Part 2" to the last tip. Resources are a must, however, not every City needs to make the same amount of everything. For Example: I have all my troops in a single city. This Cities Upkeep is well over 21 million, however this City is only producing 12,000 points of food per hour. My other three Cities actually have mainly Farms to produce food quicker and I simply send enough food to keep my troops alive and build when I need to.

8. Time Building, Training, and Research: This is somewhat important. You can only build up one Building at a time. One Research at a time. And train a set amount of Troops at a time. What I am trying to say is that you can Build, Research and Train at the same time, but only one at a time for those specific categories. As you level up, Building and Research can take more and more time, sometimes for hours, sometimes even DAYS! So if you have a trip planed or heading to work or school, start it before leaving to gain the most efficient time to doing anything in the game.

9. Troop Training: When it comes to Troops, depending on the Style of Troops (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, or Tier 4) being trained determines the amount you can train and how long. Tier 1 is of course the easiest. Each one of the attacking Troops usually need "2 idle Population" in order to train, so basically half the amount of your Idle Population. They are also the fastest to Train as their level is lowest. Increasing as many Barracks as possible will decrease the amount of time needed for training troops (Ex: I can currently train 22242 Elven Militia in just over 7 hours). Troops are also the only thing you can set up to do in advance but can only train once any prior set troops are done. (Ex: Once I set my 22242 Elven Militia to train; 7 hours. Say in about 3 hours, I get enough resources and my Idle Population is maxed back out, now i set 22242 Elven Archers to train. The Elven Archers won't begin Training until the Militia is complete.)

10. Keep an eye out: This is mainly towards attacking other players. When a City is selected, it gives the option to "Scout" the city. Do this to gain info on who you are about to attack. But if you want to attack without risk of losing troops and retaliation, I suggest looking for high level players with low to zero might. Usually this means the Player is no longer in the game, and are free to attack.

11. Have Fun: Yes, even though this is a game, it is just that, a game. I have seen people seriously lose their minds because another player in the chat said something they didn't like.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask (if you have started the game, do not ask or even give out your Cords (location) anywhere on here). But if there is something you are unsure about, PLEASE ask. It is a good addictive game to fiddle with sometimes.  

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