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Me, Myself, and I

Arminius H O Fiddywinks

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Let's begin, shall we?

I am new. Really new. So new, it's freaky.


First off, who I am. My name, it'll stay unknown. I live in New Jersey. My age, teens. High school is a silly place, with even sillier people. Nothing that happens in a regular high school happens in mine. I will not go further. I became enthralled with Star Fox for some reasons. One, I love characters. Two, I enjoy the world they live in. Three, everyone's a talking animal! Isn't that cool!?


Next, my Internet self. Why Arminius H O Fiddywinks? It's a sort of acronym for....... A_HEAP_OF_FILTH. Yes, that. I first started off in Mount and Blade, a video game series. After watching an unreasonable amount of YouTube vids, I decided to make a channel, and post M&B vids. The channel's A Heap Of Filth, of course. Why the name? It was my multiplayer name. It just caught on. I was hooked after I heard the enemy AI calling me that in single player. I dabble in the Wikia community, being in the Mount & Blade, Crusader Kings II, Civilization, and Tropico wikis. I am hoping to expand into the Star Fox wiki, as well. I am still frustrated that I know next to nothing when it comes to the Internet, as in memes, how to blog, how to post, how to add pictures on my signature (for this site), how to put in emojis, how to upload videos from actual cameras and not my friggin' phone, how to get and use FRAPS, how to use a webcam, and a wild assortment of other things. I'm hesitant to post anything on any site at all, including this journal. It's just disappointing. Ugh. Am I even qualified to utilize this tool? I'm a teen, and I don't know how to do this stuff! I don't know what terabytes are, gigabytes, harddrives, software, etc. Whenever my computer gets very slow or freezes, I beat on it like an old rug, and not try and fix whatever's really wrong (my dad said it my be a virus). I feel like a 90-year-old when doing stuff like that, or learning about stuff like that. What's wrong with me? And A Heap Of Filth, what was I thinking? Must be that I hit puberty a little late, since I acted very immaturely (and my voice is still quite high). You know what? My frustration will be what drives me, my imagination (fanfics), and my work. Anyway, you're probably bored with my rants, so let's move on.


I love video games (including Star Fox), although I cannot call myself a "true gamer", since I haven't had any knowledgeable experience in all genres. Music is also something I enjoy. However, once again I cannot call myself a true "lover of music", since I cannot read notes nor can I play any instrument (save for the triangle-thing). I'm not athletic, but I do enjoy social get-togethers. However, my friends are very, very flawed. I will not go further. I am not used to hard work, and I only truly work on something I love (like this journal, and this site in general). School work isn't something I love. And, that's about it, but I might add on things later.


Now it's getting juicy.


The journal part. I will update ONLY when something very interesting or funny happens to me or someone I know well. This is the 7th of April, 2014 update. NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. ZIPPO. Let's see what the future holds...


18th of April, 2014 Update: Good Friday


Today is the day that billions of Christians around the world (including me) commemorate the arrest, trial, and subsequent execution of Jesus of Nazareth, or Jesus Christ. Any who, my friend (call him J.L.) got his ear pierced. And my other friend (call her Rose) thinks it's ridiculous. I'm caught in-between, because they both used to be excellent friends, until they distanced themselves after a debacle with J.L.'s former girlfriend (let's call her Oksana, because she looks like an Oksana). Mmm... ice cream. This thing they're both going through has been going on since September. J.L. is a smart, athletic guy with a stable family, a good social life, and knows his way around trends and superheroes (like those from Marvel or D.C.). He shops at Forever 21, is a "hair consultant", and an "expert on fashion". He claims he's heterosexual. Claims. Rose is your stereotypical emo kid: very few friends, hates the world, into punk rock (A Day to Remember, 21 Pilots, etc.), I think bisexual, I'm not sure (she likes people that are attractive). Terrible in school, but she has a very liberal attitude towards everything. So, who do I lean towards, should I just be neutral, or should I try and help the parties reconcile? Note: They don't want anything to do with each other. That is all.

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 I am still frustrated that I know next to nothing when it comes to the Internet


Well aren't you in luck, I'll be your guide


As for hesitancy, its only natural, we were all clay itching to be molded once...and maybe still are. You can send me a personal message (or ask the site) and I will answer any of your questions to the best of my abilities.


Also, I learned how to internet from friends and good ole trial and err...mostly error, specifically my first 1000 posts here that are the beaming example of how not to S-FO.

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I'll call you Fiddywinks, how's that?

I'll have you know that on the internet, we're all just a bunch of teenagers full of stupidity. Wait, there are already a ton of active teens on this site!

You'll be lucky to hear that Shen is quite correct; stay on this site, and you'll learn the true ways of the internet, and possibly how to play TF2.

I'll give SF-O that one for sure.

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