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What if Star Fox was a Japanese propaganda cartoon from WW2?


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It would probably look like this.




During the war, Imperial Japan published several pieces of kamishibai, basically cartoons for the illiterate.


Image 1 depicts pudgy, ugly and idiotic British soldiers flanking a comically small tank. Note the sunburned noses and ears.

Image 2 shows Kintaro (Japanese mythical hero) and his companions engaged in combat against an Allied tank.

Image 3 depicts some crazy shit going on.

Image 4 shows a warthog soldier bayonet charge against cowardly and undisciplined GIs. They even forgot to show up with their guns. Note the not-so-subtle antisemitic joke thrown in here. 

So yes it would be pretty weird.

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These remind me of Private Snafu, which were comics and cartoons done by Chuck Jones, Dr. Seuss, Friz Freling, and other big cartoonist names, with Snafu being voiced by Mel Blanc, which were used as instructional guides and what not for illiterate GI's. They're a laugh riot but they were made for adults so some of them contain nudity and what not.


This one just shows a lot of swastikas and an unflattering look for Japanese spies,



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Keep in mind, for the more politically correct of the readers, that those during the war cartoons were almost completely disowned by their authors after. Dr. Seuss actually started his career trying to atone for the racist undertones his comics were supposed to have.




That above is one of his. Again, disowned.

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There isn't much "supposed" about those comics, I'm afraid. 


Particularly in the case of Dr. Seuss, he struggled for a long time with his own racism after the war. While it goes without saying that he was a wonderful man who inspired many children and adults alike with his art, he (as did many at the time -- and still do) had ugly inner demons that took much time and work to exorcise.

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