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Starfox Command: New Emulation

Thomas Draco

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Even though I've came to a grinding halt on ripping the models from Starfox Assault, I'd like to share something I've found over the past week or so.






Somebody decided to make their own build of DeSumME, the best known DS emulator, which has the ability to bring the resolution of most games up from native resolution to 1024 x 768 with both OpenGL and Softrasterizer rendering.


These are the results:




Softrasterizer at native DS resolution. As you can see the model's textures are compressed to hell and back, making it look very pixelated and crappy.




Softrasterizer X4 at 1024 x 768. As you can see the previously awful texture is now rendered at a larger resolution, making it look less compressed and generally better. Not to mention it gives way to details we didn't see on the craft in Starfox Command. For example, Bill and Krystal's Cornerian Fighters each have numbers on them, CF-47 and CF-48 respectively. Lucy Hare's fighter has a license plate that's now readable.


The game also looks great with these graphical improvements, however it does run at about 15 FPS at times at the highest settings, but that could be just because that this isn't an official build and it's only the first version of this build.


More information and a bunch of screenshots from other DS games that look amazing now are here: http://gbatemp.net/threads/hi-resolution-ds-emulation.364549/

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Winners don't do Warez.

Don't make posts that encourage game piracy.

Since the thread seems to be "I will play SFC now, but with this" it's :lock:

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