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NOA tweets picture of Wii U GCN Controller adapter.


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Looks like Nintendo is going to release a GCN controller adapter for the Wii U. It requires 2 free USB ports, but can take up to 4 controllers.


The controller shown has the Smash Bros. logo on it. New production runs of OEM GCN controllers? I hope so, as my GCN controllers are a little beat up.

Also, PLEASE tell me that the GCN controller can be used as a pro controller. PLEASE! I love the GCN controller. I think it was the best video game controller ever designed.

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Gamecube controller is best controller.

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Get WiiU


​Get USB Extensions.


Get more USB Extensions.


Be able to have up to 16 controllers at once.






But why? Because.

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I agree that the GCN controller is the best ever.


If they really produce some more official controllers, my goodness, that's amazing.The third-party/wavebird/etc GCN controllers are just not the same. Playing Smash on an original GameCube controller is going to be fantastic.

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