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Gardasil: Poison or Antidote?


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I the last few weeks (or better, months!), Brazil is in a "battle" in which, I'm afraid, the dirty mercenaries shall win... You ask me: "Is this Starfox related?". Nope, but could be. :P

The "big boss" of this game is called Gardasil, folks! A few years ago, he was scaring the U.S. and Japan, too. Just have a look at this if you forgot: http://truthaboutgardasil.org/about/

Here is another link that I'm not lying:


Here is the commercial of the Brazilian government :


Is it really a happy little universe, like they showed. I don't think so... Reminds me of the events in Assault... That quote Peppy makes about machines being used for good or evil...

What is you position in this war: pro or con?

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This topic is calm now but I feel with that Govt. advert. it could fall under:

1. No more Politics, Philosophy, Religion, or hard debates on any other subject.

But I will say I've known some people who have used the papillomavirus vaccine and are still breathing today. 
All drugs are deadly and from what I've read about the recent deaths are few and non-connected.

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Please do some cursory research before blindly parroting anti-vaxxer nonsense:







Say it with me kids: Correlation Does Not Equal Causation!


The "Truth About Gardasil" site also sets off a lot of "I have no idea what I'm talking about!" flags in that they don't mention how much of the vaccine as actually comprised of !!!TOXINS!!!. Yes, the vaccine probably contains some scary-sounding chemical* that kills rats when you feed it to them at three times their body weight. Using an insanely trace amount for a preservative probably won't effect you nearly as much as the shit you drink out of a Coke can every day. As it's pointed out in the links I provided, the site is also grossly misquoting Harper's statements. This is nothing more than standard anti-scientific conspiracy theorist fear-mongering mumbo jumbo.


*everything is a chemical. You are chemicals. Water is a chemical. Stop using this as a scare tactic, just because something's name is written out in Latin doesn't make it bad for you.

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No but you see every single counterargument to this hysterical squawking about how big pharma is trying to kill us all comes from shills paid by monsanto and 

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I don't believe that this thread has a place here, as it will likely lead to nothing but political/morality debates.  Executor hit the nail on the head with his rule posting.


EDIT: Ninja'd by Sarita! That's the first time I think that I've been ninja'd while trying to lock a thread. :-P

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