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Clearwater's Exodus


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(Not leaving the site, just going away for a month or so like every summer)
Well, I knew this was coming.
I'm always at my busiest during the summer. Doing work in the fields, heading back to England see friends and family, participating in a week-long sporting tournament... Man, my hands are gonna be busy throughout August. And because of this, I have to begin preparing for my little
'Exoddus' away from the site, where I'll have NO time at all to check in.
I'll be gone from the 4th August to about the 26th included. So I'd better make these last couple of weekends or so I have online pretty damn
precious before I go for the month. Top of my wishlist of things to do? Just to see some of you guys online so we can have a game of TF2
together on a server somewhere.
And I know that when I return from my Exodus, I shall be a year older. It's my birthday on the 10th August, and I'll be 15. Hidi, if you still think
I'm a kid, then you should stop. I'm sure you hardly think 15 is a kid age, right?
Well... Until that day...
Allons-nous rendre ces derniers jours que j'ai ici trés precieuses.
(If you don't speak French, stick the above phrase into Google Translate or ask Hidi. She speaks French. N'est-ce pas? ;) )
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We get it, Hidi is gone. You don't care about us. 


But do have fun.

I care about all of you! You're my friends, all of you!

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Nope, you're only leaving because Hidi is gone. If I could stand being away from here for that long, I would leave too. :D


Jk have fun and good luck! We'll all (hopefully) still be here when you return.


Also, happy early birthday! ;)

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  • Owner/Technical Admin

Have fun, early happy birthday, and return to us safe.

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...b-but who'll willingly put up with my randomness? D:


Well then, I'll be waiting until you show up again. Have fun out there, Clear!


But remember, you can't run away from SF-O forever. o3o

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You misspelled "Exodus."


Looks fine to me, and I didn't just correct it for that matter. :whistle:




Have a good time, Clearwater.

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  • 4 weeks later...

It's official guys! I have returned! :D

Just give me some time to settel back in and I'll be back to usual.


EDIT: It's SETTLE, NOT SETTEL. Clear, you dumbass! :lol:

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Welcome baaack! owo


I hope you had fun there. And if you didn't I don't doubt SFO will make up to it in some way. o3o

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Did you feel a little... Blue when you were gone?




Looks like HOOBANANA really blue it.

Oh, man, that's hilarious. :lol:


Well, I'm going back to school this Wednesday, so I'll give you the times when I can check in.

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Alright, so next Wednesday, I'm heading over to England for a week's break in my holiday. For the first half or
so, I won't have Internet access, but if I can use my friend's XBox 360 to check in, I can see you guys online in
the second half. If I do manage to check in though, expect my posts to take a very, VERY long time to write.
I hate that freaking on-screen keyboard.

Anyway, I'll be online for one last time tomorrow, then I'm off on a... well, it's more of an 'Excursion' rather than
an 'Exodus' this time around. But anyway...

A plus, les gars, et j'espère que je pourrais venir vous voir pendant mes vacances.

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  • 2 months later...

Well, I'm going to be heading away from SF-O and the realm of the Internet for a couple of weeks as I celebrate Christmas with friends and family, so I won't be around until after the new year.


Have a great Christmas, a Happy New Year, and I'll be back on the 5th January.

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  • 7 months later...

Well... It appears that this time of the year has come again. The time when I leave you all for a month or so as I tend to real-life affairs, and will not be able to have even a moment of time to drop by and see you guys. I'm gonna be gone for most of August, and should return on or around the 24th. *weary chuckle* And to think I'm turning 16 on the 10th... Man, what am I going to do with my life...

When I return... It'll be back to my 'Rionian' nature, and avatars from Rio for me...

I'd like to wish a happy birthday to anyone who's turning a year older during August (I'm looking at you, Hoobanana) as well.

This is Clearwater, flying away from SF-O until I can return.
Au revoir, mes amis...

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  • 10 months later...

"Your last chance,
Last summer,
Your last dance,
Beat to your own drummer.

Go out fighting,
Go out young,
A flash of lightning,
Eclipse the sun.

Brace yourselves. (x2)"
- Lyrics of Madeon - Finale

Seems that time of year is upon me again. The time where I have to step away from the realm of the Internet for a while, as I tend to real life matters that await me.

If what I've got marked on my calendar is right, then I should be gone from the 1st to the 21st of August included. The Four Winds Festival over where I live is shaping up to be quite spectacular this year, so I'm planning on giving everyone a few helping wings.

And to think that when I come back, I'll be 17 years old... That final year before I ascend from minor to major. I'm still technically quite young though, compared to others.

While I'll be gone on the above period of time, there's actually a special occasion where I can come online for the majority of one day (gonna be over at a friend's while my parents work; we'll have someone watching the house), so I might do some livestreaming on Steam or organize some matches with the GEWP crew. Whatever it'll be, you're all invited should any of you ever be online. It's gonna be planned for the 13th of August, providing there's no last minute changes or anything like that.

And when I come back, you'll see a bit of a new look on me. I'll still be the resident Blue Spix Macaw I've always been, but I've been tinkering around with some stuff, and, well... I guess you'll all see when I return.

Well, time for to go. Adieu, mes amis; on se revoit trés bientôt! :p



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