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Never posting again. (I lied)


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+1 to whoever can figure out why


Edit: Oh dear gods none of you are even close.


Edit 2: Hint-1- This is in the Rec Room for a reason


Edit 3: 1337 was my post count



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>inb4 You all are invited to our wedding. 

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+1 to whoever can figure out why




You were out walking for a little sport and relaxation, as you usually do, to the nearby forest that you love so dearly. It was a sunny day, with a light breeze, not cold but also not too warm. Truly a blessed afternoon. You wandered along your usual path, when suddenly you realized there was a direction you'd never taken before - leading to the left, into darker, thicker trees. You felt so good that day, you figured "what the hell", and went in.


As you wandered, the trees began to take strange forms and colours. They began to contort into... faces? One looked like it was wearing some kind of choker necklace with a paw-shaped padlock on it, the other, greasy hair, acne and a hoodie bearing a deviantArt logo, and another, an overweight man wearing a fedora, with a sprinkling of facial hair on his chin, holding some kind of Sonic oc plush toy... You did not know these people, nor had you seen them before. What was this? Before you could figure it out, you heard something from somewhere, you could not pinpoint where, it seemed to surround you.


"... Krys...tal..."


You turned sharply, your heart beating, terrified and alert. You heard another whisper.


"I ship Wolf with Fox..."


You almost let a scream escape then, although you knew, you knew damn well, that you must have been hearing things. There was no one with you, besides those disturbing, human-shaped trees.


You wanted to leave, and turned on your heels. But the path you took was gone. You searched, panicked, chest heaving desperately, and then... nothing.


You woke up, some time later. Had you blacked out? The forest seemed normal again. You picked yourself up, and headed home, not wanting to spend one more moment in that accursed place. You got home, put on your computer, and tried to tell us here on SFO, I know you did. You wrote:


"Today I was... writing a fanfic about Krystal and it's very NSFW."


What? You didn't mean to write that. You tried again.


"Wolf teetered as Fox tickled his feet, loving the nickname of "little puppy"."


You looked at your hands. Your palms were sweaty from the sheer horror of the situation, and you noticed something... written there on those palms.


The left: "Starfox Fanfic Fan"... and the right: "Furrever."




And that's why you don't write posts anymore.




Disclaimer: This is a parody and not meant to cause any harm and are not inspired by anyone I know except random people I've seen on dA that write stuff like this. I love you all.

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I feel like I'm part of a secret club now.



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I'm going to guess that you choose not to post again because you don't feel like it.

(btw, loved the In The Mood song. I played it in jazz band last year)

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Because you have been told that if you keep posting, a bunch of nerds posing as animals will track down where you live and have a giant party there, trashing your place. You just cleaned it, and you don't want soda stains on your carpet, do you?

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Lone wins.


He figured it out firs--




Fuck, he's the only one that figured it out

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