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My Starfox Story


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Yo, peeps! Today, I'll tell you the tale of how the heck I discored about Starfox.

When I was 8-ish, I discovered about a website called Shining Stars. It was a website that you would buy a plush toy and then put the code that came with it on the website. With that, you recieved a virtual star and recieved a furry that looks like the plush. Since that age, I started to get an interest to astronomy. I'd play when I was back from school, make wishes, play games, kids stuff... Lolz! A year later, my mom registered me to Boys Club Girls Club, where I met geeky and gamer kids and met the Starfox and MOTHER universe with Super Smash Bros. 64 and Melee. A year later, I was gifted with a Wii.

When I was 10, we moved away to Brazil, where I live until today. No more geeky clubs, the Shining Stars website was cut off, man, it's upsetting. But I'm fighting with Big N to see if I can aid them with English-Portuguese Starfox translations (no! I won't stop there! ;) )

Folks, hope for the best for me! And that's my Starfox story! And yours?

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Back when video rental stores were still a thing..and even further back when video games, in those stores, were still a thing. I somehow got my hands on a SF64. I gave it a few rounds then took it back. Did the same thing again a few times, then I eventually bought it from them.

Several sad years after that, I wanna say 2010 right before I joined sfo, I waltzed into the neighborhood game shop with ~150 USD and bought a refurbished Gamecube (~$30+), SF:Adv (~$5+), SF:Assualt (~$15+) 16gig memorystick (~$10+) and 4 controllers (~40+).


I had not the slightest give a shit to even ask my parents if that was okay. They were mad i'm sure but I still ended up playing that night or something so: #WorthItWagon


I haven't played command. Though, I could/can easily do so.

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Last summer, I was looking for a good 3DS game. My collection was pretty bare, and I went to Games top to find some games. I picked up SF643D, along with MGS3D. SF643D was love at first play, and I was hooked. Later, I tried out the roms of the other games in the series. The SNES games are amazing, while the GCN games could be better. I am the biggest SF fan in my school, constantly quoting Peppy.

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My brothers and I played Starfox on the SNES and N64 fairly often back in the day, although we were more into Mario and Banjo Kazooie. We had the GameCube games, but the older games are the ones that have really stuck with us all these years later, and we still make references to it every now and then. Heck, my brother christened his old BMW "The Landmaster" because it was gigantic, silver (late painted black), and only went one way :P

My interest was rekindled after getting Starfox 64 3D for Christmas last year, and I joined this place this summer for the hell of it.

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Around 1 week before I joined this site, I saw some Star Fox pictures when I was looking for a game to play.

I hadn't heard of Star Fox before that, but it was somehow familiar to me.

I did some research about Star Fox, and then I played the SNES game.

That's all, nothing more to tell.

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