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New Nintendo 3DS announced in Japanese-Only Direct


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That's exactly what it is called, for some reason.


Slightly more streamlined system case design

New Analog nub on the right side for dual analog (Called the "C-Stick" like the GCN's right analog was)

ZL and ZR buttons

NFC capability

Implied wider 3D viewing angle

The trailer said something about improved "speed." Not sure what that means.

Comes in "New 3DS" and "New 3DSLL." (Probably "XL" outside Japan.

A new 3DS SKU was inevitable. I knew it was coming when Amiibo was annouced. What I didn't know was that it would be THIS much of an update. Looks like I'll be getting a new 3DS soon.

EDIT: Other features:

- MicroSD Slot

- Removable faceplates for customization, top and bottom

- Easy access to battery: Just under the bottom faceplate (MicroSD slot is under there, too)

- Themeing for the OS (Please push this to older units, Nintendo)

JPN release date is Oct. 11.

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That's pretty cool, actually. I'm glad that I held out on purchasing a 3DS, provided that this revised unit gets released in the States in a timely manner.

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Looks like I have a suitable replacement for my 3DSXL, which lost its headphone sound this morning.

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Meh, kind of shitty theres no backwards compatibility for older models of the 3DS.

What do you mean? Of course you'll be able to play regular 3DS games on it. Nintendo is more committed to backwards-compatibility than anyone else in the industry. It's the reason they stubbornly cling to the POWER 700 architecture on their consoles.

Also, people forget that the circle pad pro already adds the ZL, ZR, and C-Stick controls. At worst this means if you own an older 3DS, you'll probably need a CPP to play many later games.

I mean really, all the New 3DS is is a 3DS with a built-in Circle Pad Pro and a built-in NFC reader.

It has more RAM, but that seems to be aimed at brower app and OS stability. This isn't the first time Nintendo has added RAM to their consoles. The N64 had a RAM module you could buy. The DSi had more RAM than the DS/DS Lite. In neither case did we see a fuckton of games that required the upgraded RAM.

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Darn, I literally just ordered a White 3DS LL earlier in the week, and then this announcement. Playing Star Fox and Kid Icarus was giving me hand cramp, so I thought I'd upgrade. I wouldn't be so frustrated if it weren't for the fact that this new unit is coming out in just over a month from now, and at the exactly same price of 18,800yen. I guess I'll try and sell both my 3DS' on ebay.

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October in Japan. Outside Japan will be Q1 2015.

Also, your failure to ignore sunk costs is not Nintendo's problem nor their fault.

Seriously, how come Apple can get away with a new iPhone every year but Nintendo releases a new 3DS 4 years later and everyone flips their shit about "wasted" money?

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My friend, it's all about double standards. In the cell phone world, smartphones last only a year or two before they become severely outdated, and by then, the owner would have upgraded to the new thing. In the gaming world, systems have been made to last a very long time before they need replacement, which is why the XBox 360 and PS3 had such a long and successful run. While you may have a redesign mid-cycle that brings many enhancements, the hardware is still consistent, and you can still run all the new games on your old system. Gaming systems are built to last, and if a platform only lasts a few years before it is abandoned, then what's the point? Longetivity is important in the world of consumer electronics.

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