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Unlimited use code to get access to the game Trove.


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Get early access to with this unlimited use code! 9YR7-HRM7-LYXE-NZQM-QT7R Share the love!

— Trove (@TroveGame)



The code itself, if you don't want to check the twitter, is this:




Just enter the code on the site here:




Trove is a surprisingly fun game, addictively fun, really. I highly recommend it. And it's completely free with it being done by Trion Worlds, one of the best free-to-play game companies, really. 


One thing I really love is that there is a small building element to it not that far from Minecraft, but it's really on for houses or Club(Guild) worlds, kinda like mini-dimensions just for your club, but housing is really well done in game, there's gray plots with a sign in front of it, using the sign puts your house there, and it stays until you leave the level basically. You can move it at your leisure while you adventure. And I have seen some amazingly done houses, it has a huge skybox and a huge way under the tower (mine personally is an ivory tower with water cascading off the top onto the sides with purple windows). I've seen sculptures, pixel art, but the best one I saw was a Pokecenter (even matched one inside) that was being attacked by a Team Rocket balloon.

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