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A SF-O "If Starfox had lyrics?" Project


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Why don't we do a "Starfox has lyrics" type of song together? I did the first 2 parts with the SNES Corneria theme and the SNES Starfox theme. Anybody wanna voulenteer? If so , reply this thread. Here is a Mario and an EarthBound one for your reference. :-)

As you can see, it can sometimes be serious, funny, punny or etc. It always has OST's with lyrics (hence the name). Than again, my 2 songs I added lyrics above: the theme starts in a depressive manner and in the end is all jolly and rainbows. The second one is sorta rock style. I don't play music, so that's why I may want halp. But I do have a kazzoo for silly parts of the song! :P

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I just made the next 2 part with the Vending Machine theme and the SFX64 Training Mode theme. I will put it up on Friday, folks... :-)

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Hey guys! Here is my version of the Starfox theme, hope you enjoy it! It's for the song, OK? To the tune of the SNES starfox theme...

This is the time,

we ask when we will reach the edge of the sky,

the world around us awaits,

exploring the space,

will our dream come alive...

Say farewell,

when we're back then ther'll be stories to tell,

when will we visit a star, and planets afar,

will we ever arrive...

Dream or nightmare, I dunno

I guess we'll have to wait (have to wait)

But when the war ends

All we have to do is celebrate (celebrate)

One day, we will win

And the world will finally understand (understand)

For wars to end well

We must stay together, hand in hand, hand in hand

Unite a team,

Together we will reach victory,

In adventures through the galaxy

But remember: you will never be alone!

You know that I'll always be there by your side,

In the skies, together, we will glide

We will be on this voyage, me and you

We've reached our acme (at last)

Our problems now belong to the past (to the past)

Our army has ammased, our quest was a blast,

Our mission's complete...

Here we are, traveling under the stars,

Hoping we will stay together,

Whatever the weather

It's the end of our war...

Hooray! Hooray!

This is the day

That we will defeat the

Enemy at last...

The olnly reason I didnt record me singing it is because I stink at singing. So,good luck, y'all :-)

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