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Hey guys, haven't been on here for sometime, hope everyone had a good holiday and a good new year.  Anyway hope this is cool to post here, I recently created a gaming channel on YouTube and it would be cool if you guys would check it out.  And YES, I will be playing some StarFox games on it, and hoping to do a retrospective on the entire franchise.  


Thanks guys!



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You could use some help with your channel layout.




Observe how mine is set up. The different playlists are organized and put front and center, and I have a non-subscriber preview of the channel for new people. In addition, I would HIGHLY suggest setting up a facebook fanpage and creating a proper intro to tack onto all of your videos as well as a call to action at the end.


A call to action is the typical "like, favorite, subscribe" ending we see and also links to related or recent videos that viewers may want to see.


As for thumbnails, spot on. You're doing better than I am.

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