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SFO Sigs (a little thing I'm trying)


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So a day ago I made a stream layout for FredrykPhox's StarFoxTAS streams. It was relatively basic, but the point was to make it look like SF64.


I decided to use that formula to make a forum sig.





Yeah, I know it's a little big but I'm working out the kinks. And I also think I forgot to erase a few things by the looks of it...


If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.


EDIT: Made it smaller



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First thing I'd say would be to lower the white text so that it's centered in the blue box.


Other than that it looks p cool.




Also if you wanna be super picky, the health bar isn't centered on top of the red outline of the portrait. Needs to be shifted to the left ever so slightly.

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The white text is aligned as though it were being printed in game. I actually took an image from the game and lined it up that way.

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Maybe it's the font that's throwing me off then.




Look at the distance between the lowercase letters and Peppy. This old font seems to have more breathing room all around and doesn't look at tight and cluttered.


I mean. If your goal is to mimic that exactly and all.


This is just being super picky, but you're asking for suggestions on something that isn't really flawed.

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Hm... It might be the positioning of the name. That, and I can't find a good font for that particular text.

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Could make the text eight bit-seeming, so like, get it to be all pixely.  And add an outline to the text too unless you did.  Black backgrounds kinda screw with my perception of outlines

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