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(Fixed because of title) StarFox WiiU/Future of series


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Instead of being Eye opening for people it became a shitstorm that was so deep I literally couldn't pull anything intelligent out of it as it was buried too deep under ignorance and rage. Now, to be clear I DO NOT HATE GODDAMN STARFOX 64 GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL.

Anyways, my point being is that the next StarFox should be a space battle sim, not a rail shooter, I DO NOT HATE RAIL SHOOTERS EITHER, BUT I WOULD NOT PAY $60 DOLLARS FOR A GLORIFIED GALAGA EITHER(64-like. A glorified Bosconian is only slightly better, but still not worth that kind of money, sorry. (Assault-like)

The space overview (where you see the entire area of lylat space between missions), should be a strategic point-and-place RTS style menu where you can position your StarFox team members or ships to counter-attack Venom or other enemy forces. Basically the same as StarFox 2 or Command. I'd also like it to be cinematic and enthralling on story, so I'd consider having cutscenes to carry out a story when you reach certain points, and perhaps also have timed events that will spontaniously happen at a predesignated time. (As in you'll be timed in your gameplay, but please to god no time limits unless they're missiles, which you should obviously take out first, like in SF2)

Mission gameplay; I'm thinking some short rail shooting (3-5 mins each) sequences at the beginnings of some specific battles, like flying into a wrecked Corneria just after the first attack takes place, leading to an interplanetary space siege on the Lylat central capitol, or flying in on Venom, or superstructure chases; (seriously how come that hardly ever happens in StarFox games to begin with?) What I mean by that is think of StarWars Return of the Jedi.

As for the main point of gameplay there can be plenty of all-range space battles at certain locations throughout the map, and having some more rail shooting when going from point A to point B. all-range space battles can be engaged over Corneria when a Cornerian fleet and a Venom fleet clash in a bigass space battle. or on venom, or just out in space, all I know is that I want plenty of that. perhaps be able to board some ships and specific targets like space stations to bring them down from the inside and have some on-foot gameplay, a transforming arwing-walker could be used upon entry as well and jump out when going down narrow corridors.

Planetary gameplay; when you are battling to capture a world held by Venom forces, you can battle in the air with an Arwing, and have a rail shooting sequence as you enter the world, and then go from all-range and be able to land like in Assault and use the LandMaster.

For each of the rail shooting sequence, at least have some branching paths like in 64, that's all I have to say about that anymore.

Team Star Wolf MUST be an enemy!!! I guess it was ok to team up with them in Assault as that was epic, because they had a common enemy that could destroy their entire civilization and there was no other way, but in Command it was just stupid, and so was the Anglar empire, seriously; Venom empire, Oikonny's rebellion, Aparoids? all those are more entertaining as villains then fucking shrimp puffs shooting lasers. all of the StarWolf battles will probably be all-range space battles just like in Assault and 64, but please to god make them longer ( In SF64 I can bring all four of them down before they even break their formation, every time they show up, it's so easy, like pissing you guys off; even by "accident".) I meant for it to be heated, but that was just a pissy fit slamfest, even I am guilty, but its my fault for thinking it could be controlled.

Structure of the Lylat system? what the hell is it? there is evidence of multiple star systems, and a few gas giants; Suaria clearly orbits a gas giant similar to Jupiter. I think Andross's command station in SF2 was orbiting another star, looks like a blue star; making for extremely powerful solar energy most likely. (I'd also like to see a mission taking place within a gas giant, makes me think of StarWars Rogue Squadron.) Anyways, what I think it is; a Galactic Neighborhood a few lightyears in diameter. '>, this basically but probably only 2-3 star systems close enough together to be clearly visible from one another. I theorize this mostly from random planets appearing in the comics, and from the wierd map from SF SNES. SF64 and 2; looked more like a singular star system, whereas in Assault if you look in the background, there are always three different distinct solar system maps, I'm a sucker for this sort of thing.

All of this ofcourse is wishful thinking, but if this happened, I would forever be satisfied with Nintendo but that's not gonna happen

Now that I've made another long ass post, hopefully you'll see my point without being fuel by rage after I went too far and insulted your religion. If you do see what I'm trying to do than great, let's talk over some sodas and ice cream if you still think I'm bashing any of the games or your opinions....well...please don't even say anything at all then.

I'm currently working on a painting and I might not even have the time to get it done until late spring to summer, and I might also get something else up before then.

There, I fixed it. now it is its own topic as I intended, also no, I am definitely not open to making friends online anymore, last time I did that....nevermind I don't want to talk about it.

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