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Fox McCloud


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Fox McCloud - Star Fox 64 3D
Alternate NamesFox McCloud Jr. (SNES Track)GenderMale
SpeciesRed FoxHeight1.73m (5'8")
Age (SF64)18Weight70.31kg (155 lb)
Fox McCloud in Star Fox 64 3DAffiliationStar FoxFirst AppearanceStar Fox

Fox McCloud is the leader of the Star Fox team and the character the player assumes when played a Star Fox game. While he doesn't perfectly fit the mold of the archetypal hero, he has many traits of one, always ready to help, though that doesn't mean he will without complaining about it. Fox is the second-generation leader of Star Fox, after his Father, James McCloud.


Fox is a red fox, and his appearance is somewhat typical of the species. Orange-bown body fur with white markings, including a white mark on his head that resembles a mohawk haircut. He lacks the common black markings on his muzzle, arms, and legs, but later designs show darker tips on his ears (earlier designs do not).

Fox originally wore a tan jumpsuit and flight jacket with a uniquely-shaped helmet in Star Fox. This was changed to a green color in Star Fox 64. In Star Fox Adventures, he went with a green, sleeveless, jumpsuit and white vest and no headgear. In Star Fox Assault, he would wear a green and red jumpsuit with red shoulder guards. In Star Fox Command, he returned to his Star Fox 64 attire.


Fox speaks little in most games, as he is the representation of the player. But, his personality has not been static. He started as an ambitious pilot who sought to avenge his father and save lylat. Money was mentioned as a motivator in game documentation, but Fox never talked about it in-game until Star Fox Adventures. In fact, in Star Fox Adventures money was THE motivator. Fox would continously gripe about not getting paid enough to help the dinosaurs with their problems (though he would help them anyway) and General Pepper would always mention money as if he knew it was what Fox wanted.

While other games have mentioned money being a motivator, this outright greed really only surfaced in Star Fox Adventures, and was never really explored again. But, even in Star Fox Adventures, Fox was driven to do the right thing, meaning he has some kind of moral compass driving his actions. Fox would become an emotional mess in Star Fox command, along with several other characters.


Fox is the son of James McCloud, original leader of Star Fox. Fox is a skilled pilot who entered the Cornerian Academy with dreams of following his Father's footsteps. In the SNES canon, his mother is killed by Andross in a car bombing, and his father by a gravity bomb that created a black hole (one of the levels in Star Fox SNES). In the N64 canon track, which is the current, no mention is made of Fox's mother, and Fox's father was killed by Andross after being betrayed by Pigma Dengar.


After Star Fox Adventures, Fox appearently falls in love with Krystal. Their relationship is not really explored much in the games, but by Star Fox Command, it falls apart.


Star Fox 64 Players' Guide (US)

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When you say Fox's relationship with Krystal "falls apart" in SF: Command, do you mean that it falls apart in the beginning of the game or in one of the endings?

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It says "by Star Fox Command" not "in Star Fox Command." Their relationship fell apart before the events of the game.

Also, remember that this is a skeletal article. It needs a lot of fleshing-out.

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Honestly, all of the characters are very bare and didn't get much time to be fleshed out. I'd write some good backgrounds myself, but no one would take me seriously. Ever. For all time.

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