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Slippy Toad


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SpeciesFrogHeight1.67m (5' 5.75")
Age (SF64)18Weight63.5kg (140 lb)
Slippy Toad in Star Fox AssaultAffiliationStar FoxFirst AppearanceStar Fox

Slippy Toad is the squeaky-voiced mechanic and inventor for the Star Fox team as well as one of its pilots. He's a close friend of Fox and the son of the legendary Cornerian aerospace engineer Beltino Toad. The apple didn't fall far from the tree as Slippy also has been blessed with genius and has racked-up his own list of engineering accomplishments ranging from electronic real-time translation devices to the Blue Marine attack sub.

Ever the tinkerer, Slippy has equipped his Arwing with extra sensory equipment that even his teammates do not have. This makes him a valuable asset in battle as he is able to analyze the power of enemy shields.

His genius does not come without faults, however. His piloting skills are mediocre and he has regular lapses of common sense. He is constantly getting himself into trouble, requiring the aid of one of his teammates.


Slippy's appearance is that of a green frog. Short and stout, it is hard to see Slippy as a threat. What he lacks in physical fitness, though, he makes up for in mental abilities.

Slippy's original design placed him in a blue jumpsuit with a white jacket. He continued to wear this outfit in Star Fox 64, switching to a brown shirt and blue jeans in Star Fox Adventures. He would switch to a yellow jumpsuit in Star Fox Assault before switching back to his original attire in Star Fox Command.


Slippy is confident and always seems to be in a good mood. In fact, confident is an understatement. He is vastly overconfident in his abilities and this often gets him in trouble as it causes him to rush at enemies without thought of the consequences. Despite his confidence, he is not without fear as he got visibly and audibly shaken at the prospect of invading the Sargasso hideout. He also can be very emotional in some situations, such as when Peppy crashed the Great Fox into the Aparoid shield.


Slippy is a strong friend of Fox's, and perhaps his most loyal friend as he stuck with the team the longest when it dissolved prior to Star Fox Command. Also during that time he met a female frog, Amanda. They fell in love and by the time of Star Fox Command were engaged. In one ending, they wed and have many, many children.

Falco seems to mainly find him an annoyance when flying, commenting about Slippy's tendency to get into trouble. He is also the butt of jokes by the other members of the team, such as Peppy jokingly saying he's not a screw-up after the successful performance of the Blue Marine.


Star Fox 64 Players' Guide (US)

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