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Star Fox in Ace Combat


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Not sure where to place this thread since technically it's about Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy, but the info is a Star Fox Handheld info. However if there is a better place, feel free to move it mods :)


Namco Bandai recently re-released Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy for Nintendo 3DS and I was playing a friend of mines copy today and I used my Fox amiibo with his to discover a rare plane unlock.

Renamed the ADF-01 Fox unlocks a special retrofit of the ingame rare plane the ADF-01 Falken. As you can see in the pictures, it's got Fox's face on the side and of all planes is the best in the entire game. I found this very interesting, as it's kind of nice to see Project Aces recognized Star Fox in the new updated version of the game. Figured I'd share this with the community and see what people thought :)




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One thing's for sure, it's good to see people (other than us and Nintendo) who haven't forgotten gaming's greatest pilots. Can you imagine if there was a pilot in real life with this paint? That would be awesome and hilarious! 

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Not sure how I feel about Namco still having ties with the series.

​Yeah but that probably won't end anytime soon either since Namco completely owns Project Aces. 

As for the plane it seems it's based on Star Fox 64 3D as it has that fox on it, as well as a quote I can't really see on the side. 

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