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Shadow Warrior 2

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Not sure how many people here played or even care about the original Shadow Warrior or the awesome 2013 reboot, but I felt the need to share the wang news. A sequel has been announced for PC, PS4, and XBONE next year, and will be shown at the upcoming E3.

Not much information so far; Five years after the events of Shadow Warrior 2013, humans and demons are co-existing. Despite this progress, Lo Wang and some new buddies of his still have a lengthy list of asses to kick. New gameplay features include four player co-op, procedurally-generated maps, and new guns and swords includng the best damn shotgun reload animation you've ever seen.

Gameplay is now much more vertical; Double jumping and parkour elements allow for more ways to manuever the map. Also, a single player campaign will be included.

Engadget article:

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Added new video and more details.

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