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A very late and yet awkward introduction


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...My word why am I doing this so late? NEVERMIND THAT

My JuneauBETA... or you know... Gameboy19 if we're going to talk about 2012...?

Anywho' now this would be an "Official post" if the IPboard didn't change gotten a new theme here but whoop de dang do it happened so this would count as the "eighth post" for me but normally I wouldn't care if post count was that sparse.

Now some of you might be asking "Why post this late" weeelll back in 2012 I was just new to the site and made an account because I was at the appropriate age to join (which was 13) and my sole purpose here was... There was a chatroom there and I wanted to chat with the many people who were into Star Fox (which if you had interacted with me I am no longer into the franchise) but around that time I was being pressured to make a post. I now regret that because I may have missed out some things (but then again this was when I used to be a twat) Anyway, 2013 was when my depression kicked in and I sorta left SFO and went back to xat (which is a chatroom based site I came from) after a while in mid October of 2014 SFO came back to my head and checked up to the site it was at this point that many of the colours of the old (games like Blockland, Minecraft, and many other) were beginning to fade away and SFO had suffered this as well. I went ahead and changed my old username to the new and current one (Being JuneauBETA) and what I've heard about some people  from the  old from interacting with the ones still here had long since left the forums to move on with their own life and so forth but then that meant the whole site felt "empty". (and the fact I was becoming a neutralistic and lonely person didn't help in my favor) Anywho' there you have it a somewhat late and yet awkward introduction post sorta tragic, so much has changed and I sometimes wish I was apart of the old before getting used to the new (which doesn't feel the same anyway). This is JuneauBETA, have a nice day.

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I believe we've met. Welcome to the forums, buddy.  /roll anthem 

No need to be pressured about making a post. Many go wrong in being "Enter" whores across the Spidernet. There are plenty of insightful posts, whether current or ancient, to read here, as well. Forum tech in all of it's gamification hasn't and may never collectively progress to rewarding the faithful reader. But, don't let that stop you from feeling warm and fuzzy inside about all those opposing points of view you internally reflected on and those grammar mistakes you pretended not to see.

We here don't much mind if you're not as into SF as much as in past times but still want to be around. If anything, it's a mark of our alluring community. A community which was staple in surviving the long haul from the tease of a SF643D to an uncertain SFZ.

I can leave you with the sum of my current view in regards to general old/new, past/present advice: acceptance is by no means a cure, the feeling is likely to stay, but acceptance can clear enough room, for making the most of today

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Welcome back to the site! I've seen you around the chats now and then, but good to see you again :)


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