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The ADF-01 Falken STAR FOX or FALKEN <STARFOX> is a rare amiibo plane retrofit for Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy Plus that requires the Fox Amiibo.


Cameos/Appears in: Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy Plus (Requires version 2.0.0 update)

System: Nintendo 2DS, 3DS, new 3DS

Tier: SP Tier

Unlocks with: Fox Amiibo

Color Schemes: 1

Comes Bundled with: FALKEN <STARFOX>, SP Part 07, SASM, XMAA, and TLS secondary weapons.


The FALKEN STARFOX features all the normal ADF-01 Falken abilities with some improvements to air-to-air combat. The STARFOX's special console boosts its stability, air to air, and missile jamming making a very tiny reference to the Arwing for it's advancement in air to air throughout the Star Fox series. The STARFOX comes with three secondary weapons bundled and included, the SASM(Short-range aerial suppression missile) a splash damage missile, the XMAA(Advanced middle-range air-to-air missile) a multi-lock missile on up to 4 air targets, and the TLS(tactical laser system) an advanced high-intensity laser that has no delay between the player and the target causing massive damage. 


The design is made with the Star Fox 64 3D Fox McCloud, it has some quotes on the side but somewhat difficult to read. I could read one on the side of it's tail which says "Lead the Star Fox Team to Victory!" The other on the bottom is something about the Arwing but no one has been able to decode it yet to tell what it exactly says. The Plane unlike its original mode masters air-to-air combat but in return its air-to-ground is lower as well as its defense. The design of the plane is actually one of the most popular among Ace Combat fans which is surprising but it may have to do with the fact of how powerful the plane is and with that how rare the Fox amiibo can be. 






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