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Nintendo Direct Updates!

That Ain't Falco

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It's official, folks, development on Zero is complete, and it will be released alongside a spinoff title, Starfox Guard! This title will be a puzzle game featuring Slippy Toad, and an uncle of his, the name of which I cannot remember. The games will be packaged together.

But now, for new confirmations!

-Bill is back, folks! The walking, talking, reference, does, in fact, exist in Zero!

-Warping will not only be important to gameplay, but plot.

-Extra paths abound! Many, if not all, levels will have branching paths, similar to those found in 64.

-In fact, the game is shaping up to be 64 2!

-Smash amiibo support is confirmed, and using a Fox amiibo will unlock the SNES Arwing!

Looking like a great Direct, so far. Feel free to point out things I've missed.

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Apparently, Slippy's uncle's name is Grippy. Star Fox Guard lets you create your own mining bases, customize enemy placement, and challenge your friends to complete them.

Both SF Zero and Guard will sold in a package. 

Those games are MINE. 

EDIT: Ok, so you can only customize enemy placement, but you can still challenge people with that sorta thing.

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I was kind of amused by the fact, that they've decided to give Slippy an uncle. Don't ask me why.
Star Fox Guard looks like an interesting puzzle-type of game..I love games like this..perhaps going to buy it as well.

Watched the Star Fox Zero trailer and wow, I can't wait to get my hands on it! Love the voice acting and Fortuna is brought back again. Not such a nice tropical planet anymore like in Assault where you want to make your holidays on but now better call a gardener...

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Hey ... hey guies

Mario and Sanic






Oh yeah and Starfox.

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Graphics were cool.

Voice acting was okay.

Gameplay was hot.

Alt routes were hot.


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