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My Artworks :)


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Hey there,

saw this topic so I thought I could add the links to my online galeries. :)

I mainly draw semi-realistic, fantasy, realistic (animal portraits the most), and dark/macabre stuff. I draw since as long as I can remember. Not entirely a professional, but definitely not a rookie either. I used to tattoo for a while (right term would be a ''scratcher'', precisely.) but right now I am focusing on my art so I can build a solid portfolio and become an apprentice. :)

I ACCEPT COMMISSIONS. Paypal only. Send me a private message on my Facebook page so we can talk for a price.

Like my page! -> http://www.facebook.com/KateBelangerArts

Join my deviantART's Star Fox group! It's the very first Star Fox community on it. :) -> http://starfox-club.deviantart.com

Take care, guys!
Kate's out.

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