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There's a new show I've been watching on actual TV for a while known as "Designated Survivor"


(Kiefer Sutherland as Tom Kirkman seen here)

The show is about a Secretary of Housing and Urban Development person named Tom Kirkman (Played by Kiefer Sutherland) who while watching the state of the union was pulled and founds out that Congress was blown up killing everyone in the building including the President and Vice President.

When Tom Kirkman was pulled out he was told since that everyone in congress was killed; A "shadow government" takes over the US, he becomes the President of the United States of America due to the fact that Tom was selected as a "Designated Survivor". For the next days of what's to come; Tom Kirkman has to try to find out who attacked Congress while trying to keep the US from falling apart along with his family.

It's an interesting show only Three episodes had came out if you have Hulu by chance you can watch it there online, otherwise the show comes on every wednesday at 10PM PST (Not sure what time does it airs at other states)

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