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tl;dr read me

I am a hobby writer who occasionally dabbles in fanfiction.  I'm mostly known as someone who writes Fox/Wolf fics.  I doubt that very many people are interested in that pairing, but a surprising number of people who dislike the pairing have historically enjoyed my stories. If you really can't stand it, then I recommend this Wolf origin story from many many years ago.  It's pretty grimdark, but I think it's appeal is universal and genre-independent.

My main project right now is Black and White.  Give it a click, and if it seems at all interesting to you, I'd love to hear feedback!   If you're on the fence (or just curious), read on if you want to peek into my head regarding my goals with the story! 

I set out to write something that very seriously makes a case that this pairing can be believable, and that accurately portrays the dynamic of the relationship as I see it. That means getting the context of who Fox and Wolf are as people right, as well, and my vision is a bit different than any other written before.

I see them both as fiercely competitive people, surrounded by those who don't necessarily share that drive, after the Aparoid war.  They're the best in the world at what they do, and they're always looking to push themselves to improve. The development of their relationship is completely based around that fact:  in what I think has become a disappointment for many of my fans, there is no fluff in what I've posted so far, and there won't be until much later on. Their relationship is extremely tense, driven by mistrust and a constant need to one-up one another.

Another thing I wanted to do is partially subvert the way most of these fics develop in stages:  they meet, Fox hates Wolf, then Fox finds out Wolf isn't so bad after all, and then they date.  Some amount of this is justified, due to their personalities, but I stand by subtlety here, and I think that about equally as Wolf is not so bad, Fox is not so good.  I strongly dislike portraying Wolf as someone who is just misunderstood, as this destroys the whole reason the pairing is interesting in the first place--no, my Wolf is unapologetically an asshole, especially given that he has as many misconceptions about Fox as Fox does about him.

Finally, and perhaps mostly importantly, I wanted to highlight that Fox and Wolf come from very different worlds (something Wolf is rather bitter about).  Part of this is in subverting the way these fics usually progress (ie, Wolf leaves everything behind and works with Fox). I've played up Wolf's role as a crime lord immensely in this story and offered a peek into Wolf in his natural state:  as a terrifying, ruthless gang boss who rules with an iron fist.  Fox and Wolf live in completely disconnected realities, and it doesn't make sense for them to drop everything and start dating.  Their involvement begins purely from how they work together, and neither of them intend for a relationship even well after chemistry emerges, because it's really a sort of silly thing for pilots like them to expect.

I've posted six chapters (30,000 words) to fanfiction.net so far, and though the fic is far from perfect, I'm very happy with how I've handled these things so far.  It's been a bit difficult getting feedback because I don't have a lot of people to talk to about the choices I've made in putting this together, so I always appreciate comments.


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