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Any real Life inspirations for Star Fox Locations?


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Let us get one thing out of the way:  Star Fox never had a solid footing but mah metal leg theory hurr durr in reality or the laws of physics that dictate it.  Despite that, star fox as a series has been known to take and borrow a lot of ideas and stuff from other sources whether it is japanese cultural things or the thunder birds tv show.  But there is still one question that I want help to be answered and that is if any of the planets and space locations are based on actual things existing in real life.  For example Macbeth and Venom in Star Fox 1 seems to be based on  the moon IO and Venus respectively  and Titania is more likely than not a star fox version of mars along with its own ring system that scientists predict will happen to mars in the distant future due to one of it's moons breaking apart.  Anyone have any more thoughts on what other worlds and places in lylat system are inspired by things found in real life?

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Katina was based off of Independence Day, the arches you see in Corneria was inspired by the shrines in Japan iirc.

Independence day was a Sci fi movie

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