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Steel Waters


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I'd like to present you a little new game which I came up with during my free time and thought "Why not", so...

*Clears throat*

Want to engage a forum game of a different kind?
One, where your very own tactics are challenged and cooperation with others is recommended, if not necessary?

Then try out the new forum game...
Steel Waters!

In this narrative-driven competitive teamgame intended for 8 players you embarge on large battleships in a Schizo-Tech-scenario to battle each other on the high seas - at night.
What do you say? Simply shooting broadsides at the enemy is enough to win?
I don't think so! :biggrin:

Your ships might be equipped with state-of-the-art-technology and their armament may bear enough firepower to burn entire coastal cities - but dozens of years of lacking maintenance due to insufficent resources have taken their toll on the vessels, so that you will have to handle the systems manually, even suffering technical failures in the worst cases which your enemy can abuse to either score cheap shots at you or improve their own defenses. Will you try to turn your mighty battleship into a fortress first? Or will you just fire everything you've got? And then: Maybe you try to take out their radar first so they can't lock on you anymore? Or even the engines first to improve your hit chances?

But to destroy your enemy, you'll need to see him of course. Due to the otherworldly darkness inhabiting this world after sunset, lamps have a reduced range so you have to rely on sonar to locate your opponent. Otherwise prepare to miss a lot like you would after drinking one bottle of rum.

Join one of two factions with their own goals, hopes, dreams and fears and send your enemy to Davy Jones' locker!

Hint: This sounds incredibly complicated at first reading, but it's actually quite simple.

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