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Besides getting a new Star Fox game...


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...What more would you like to see from Star Fox? More merchandise? A new show akin to that anime short? Maybe more fan creations? How likely any of it might be isn't the subject matter, I'm curious what sort of things you the community would like to see and hear about concerning Star Fox.

Just a small thing on my part, as I'm sure there will be a new Smash Bros. game on the Switch, I do hope they bring Wolf back, and hopefully have something more interesting than another Great Fox-type level. We could get something really out there like a level set on Dinosaur Planet or the Aparoid homeworld or some other interesting location.

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I wouldn't mind having more in-depth information about the technology of The Lylat System. You guys ALL probably know, I crave that sort of thing in sci-fi in general: The performance, and power of vehicles.

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well frankly I think the team needs to get bigger, so that in future games theres more to do Add Katt in, so Krystal isnt the only female team member. have  missions bounce around the system, instead of it being linear, so for instance, the first mission beyond Corneria might be Aquus, then after that you hear of trouble in Y sector, and so on.  have missions change based on who is flying with you, so say, Katt and Krystal flying with you, might offer missions,  that flying with Slippy or Falco dont have.  have missions bring in money that you can spend in game, rather than waiting for an end of game check from Pepper. You could buy, bigger facilities for the Great Fox, upgrade its weapons, and so on.

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