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Slow server every Monday night


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Maybe you have noticed already, every Monday from 1:30 am JST to around 3:00 am JST this server might be slower than usual.
This is because we make big backups of all websites with constant changes once every week.

This is the backup schedule:
Every day at 0:00 JST: database backup creation.
Every Monday at 0:30 JST: file backup of constantly updating sites (like DSHack, StarFox-Online, 076.ne.jp, etc.).
Every 1st day of the month at 1:00 JST: file backup of sites that rarely or never change (like the sites of nurse customers).
Every day at 1:30 JST: send the database backup to all backup servers.
Every Monday at 2:00 JST: send the file backup to all backup servers.

Backup servers are all located in the same region as this server is located, which means in Japan, Singapore, and Australia.
Hong Kong and South Korea are coming soon too.

Here's the status page:

You might want to refresh the page to get the correct information, it's a known issue, and will be fixed when I get the time for it.

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