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This announcement is a few days late, I apologize. 

First, I would like to announce that Sawtooth has decided to step down as administrator. 

His reason is this:


I'm stepping down because I haven't been giving the site the love it deserves and needs - I'm a busy dude, a senior in an engineering degree in college, hunting for a full time job, a furry DJ growing in popularity, and like, I've got an IRL social life as well. Additionally, I'm going to be the most recent in a long line of people to say something like this, but like, I've lost the passion for the Starfox series due to the lack of content. I still adore the existing games, but I just can't contribute to the site meaningfully because I don't feel like I have anything to say. As such I wanted to pass the torch to someone who still has a passion for the series and can grow the site in ways that I can't. I trust Orange and Sideways as site admins, both of them are great dudes that have been involved in SFO forever. Anyways, I'll be around, but probably a lurker from now on, primarily. If you want to keep up to date on my antics, you can follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SawPennanti Keep the Starfox fandom alive, I love you guys <3

Second, I'd like to announce that I have volunteered to take his place. After some discussion with the other admins and mods,  my placement has been confirmed. 

I do plan on attempting to make some new articles for the site, as well as trying to fix the downloads section that has been broken for a long time. 


Most of you who are on discord already know this information, but some of you may not be on Discord and you deserve to know what is happening too.

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So is it just you and Orange now? Whatever happened to MK? Haven't heard anything from her in a loooong time.

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  • Owner/Technical Admin

Sorry for the very very late reply. It's just Orange and I now, MK doesn't have time anymore  between work and her family. I have taken possession of the domain and the website is hosted on my server now. 

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