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StarFox 2 Lore Discussion:


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A general discussion topic about the in-universe logic regarding stuff that appears on the map in StarFox 2.

First thing. The Brain Scramblers in StarFox 2, they appear on expert mode and hijack the Orbital Cannon that auto-defends Corneria for you. They turn it around and start firing on Corneria, but how exactly does it work? I'm thinking that the most likely thing is that it takes over the minds of those on board the station, if true that gives me a lot of room for my dumb headcanons. The idea of mind-control in the StarFox Universe seems a little bit wild, so I was also thinking that they just hack the computers of the station and take it over that way. Though I think the mind-control thing is 90% likely what it is just going off the name "Brain Scrambler" alone.

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