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Individual Mission Scores of SFC


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Post your scores for your individual completed missions here. Just copy and fill in if you are lazy, like me. If we get a good enough response I'll keep track of the board records. I thought there was some code tag, oh well...

Infinity's Scores:


The Adventure Beigns !: 141

Decision Time: 83

Reunion with Slippy: 60

General Peppy: 138

Father and Daughter: 112

Lucy and Krystal: 139

Asteroid Belt

Missile Threat: 31

The Meteorite Trap: 109

Falco's Decision: 127

The Anglar Emperor: 113


Fog of War: 138

Oikonny Strikes Back: 141

Former Rivals: 116


Amanda: 79

Slippy's Resolve: 134

Octoman's Ruse: 116

Beneath the Waves: 93


Krystal: 107

Hold Firm, Katina!: 103

Falco to the Fore: 194


The Red-Hot Planet: 128

The Ultimate Weapon: 131


Andross's Legacy: 100

Wolf's Plot: 186

The Worm: 164

Dash: 165


Star Wolf Returns!: 178

Dash Makes a Choice: 225

Good-bye, Fox: 151

Fox and Krystal: 171

Sector X, Y, Z

Pigma's Revenge: 97

The Curse of Pigma: 125

We Meet Again: 101

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