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Guide for SFAs

Lord O'Donnell

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If you will post please make sure its another "guide" for a level or something we can do to increse points

I have never seen anything like this so I did it.

About the points and weapons

These are some basics to get more points: "trigger finger" the faster you press the buttons the more enemies you can kill, however you must know how to alternate attacks and where. You must learn something on your own.

Blaster: it has 3 levels of charge shots, but you can "increase" the power of a charge shot by walking towards the enemy. An example of this is how you can destroy two barrel machines from sargasso with a green shot. If you stand in front of it with a green shot and release it you must shot it again (it takes a red one), if you walk you can destroy two, the same happens to all enemies. if you walk backwards you will "decrease" its power.

Machine gun and Gatling gun: Good for everything, but save the gatling gun for the "tanks" and "cannon towers"

Sniper: Use it against "tanks" and "cannon towers"

Tanks are the guys that shot black energy balls, in mission 9 they shot 4 missiles (they are easier because you can destroy them).

Cannon Towers are the enemies that cant move, there are three kinds: blue ones they shot black energy balls, Green ones they shot missiles, Red ones are like machine guns (there are some enemies that move and have the same attack)

I wont describe the whole mission just some points

Mission 1: at the beginning some enemies will come in formation, lock and shot the one in the center, try to be in front of it when you release the shot. Save the bomb and use it against the prototype, release it when the 3 little things have come out, if you do it correctly some blue enemies will show up, use the breaks all the time and as much as you can, charge shots will give you more points for killing them at once and for killing them all instead when you just killl them all. From here you can do whatever you want, but try to use the next bombs for the boss or for the robots at the end of the level, remember that you must kill all blue robots plus the brown ones before them for more points. The "cans" in the base are points too.

Mission 2: I cant say anything but try to keep the combo during the mission, there should be around 300 enemies in the level. Look for videos and they will teach you more, at youtube I will upload all my videos.

Mission 3: This is one of the "never ending" missions because you can kill as many enemies you want if you dont destroy the targets in the first part of it (the one before Wolf's arrival). Once again try to keep the combo. At youtube you can find my videos (2 of them). The more time you wait the more battleships you will see. The missiles are points and also the parts of the battleship.

Mission 4: This mission is actually easy, the order in which you should destroy the targets is from "easy to hard" the one next to you, and finally the one with the gigantic snails. The second and the third have "secret enemies" you must hover in front of the green diamond to see more enemies. Careful dont land over the "tanks". theres another spot with "secret enemies" in one of the bridges near to the second tower you must hover (there are many cannon towers over the area). Once you are near to the third tower you will see a cave with many enemies inside, leave some enemies near to it and procced to the tower, do the hover thing, continue through the near cave up to the bridge, and then go back, with all the nenemies that you left behind and the ones in the cave you should be able to enter the base with a high combo (the gauge must be full too). Quickly kill the bots to keep the combo, IF you did it correctly the combo you will end with will be 454 or better. (There will be soon a video)

Mission 5: Use the brakes after defeating the enemy that lauches missiles and many lasers. Once again save the bomb until you see the infected protoype and use the brakes. Thats all.

Mission 6: I cant say much of it, it is the other "never ending" mission, it is harder to explain than missio 4 (There will be soon a video). But if you keep the combo the best you will have is 350 (Or at least thats my best, there are better ones)

Mission7: Am not the best and there wont be a video, it isnt the hardest mission, but it is quite complicated for a combo (that doesnt mean I am the best at the other missions, but am near to be). If anyone can upload a video of the mission or write a guide do it.

Mission 8: The most popular mission, I cant say anything that hasnt been told before, just shot everything you see.

Mission 9: You can 1) look at my videos or 2) follow this crappy guide. The planet is divided in four colours, your first objective is to clean the red section (only the place where there are no enemies just cannon towers) but try to dont kill many enemies at the hall, only the energy balls. From there go back and get the land master (when doing this dont kill enemies). Destroy all enemies in the area where the landmaster and arwing are, go to the purple section and kill the enemies to the left, go to the purple door (get out of the landmaster) and when you are inside go to the right and finally go to the other side. When you go out head to the left (it must be the red) kill everyone inside the red section (get down of the landmaster), head to the green section, before going inside destroy the tanks above (the place where a flag is), when you are inside kill those to the right and then to the others. Finally head to the yellow section. My best is 300 (those are almost all enemies) If you can get to the arwing you can continue the combo(find my videos at youtube).

Mission 10: For more points use the charge shots. You will see the same enemy from level 5 (lasers then missiles), just try to avoid the "kamikaze" guys. For the section with the closing bars just accelerate. The place with the "opening and closing bars" accelerate but if you see you cant pass quickly brakethen accelerate. For the last enemies move to the right upper corner and when you see the second wolfen coming go to the left lower corner. Bombs are almost useless for the boss so use them in the level

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Here is a list of all the S Flag Locations in Star Fox: Assault I wrote for the Nintendo NSider Forums under the name LUIGIMCCLOUD.

-- -- -- -- --

Special Flag Locations

Star Fox: Assault Flag Locations

Mission One:

Fortuna - A New Home

1. Destroy the engine of the last battleship. Don’t destroy the ship itself just yet, just the engine. Fly to the left of the screen to nab the flag.

2. When you reach the planet, fly to the left to find a tunnel full of tanks. Destroy the Gold Tank at the end to reveal the Flag.

3. Inside the first tree in the middle of the forest; shoot the branch on the upper-left hand of the tree.

4. While following the rail/tracks in the base, veer to the far left when you reach the crate containing the Smart Bomb. Avoid crashing into the walls, and drop down; you’ll see a barrel with the fourth flag inside.

5. Inside a barrel on the last right-handed platform near all the giant robots; soar up to it and shoot the barrel.

Mission Two:

Katina - Frontier Space Battle

1. In the East Storage Room. On a crate inside, aim your Blaster at the empty space above to see a “Red Target.” Shoot it five times to reveal the flag.

2. Northeast Area: the bunker southernmost has another “Red Target” inside; shoot it five times.

3. Head to the West Storage Room, and aim your weapon between the empty between two crates; shoot the Red Target.

4. Underneath an arch above the East Storage Room on the roof. Shoot the Red Target.

5. On the Central Tower’s upper part on the north ledge. Use the LandMaster’s hover and shoot the Red Target.

Mission Three

Sargasso Space Zone - Hostilities Revisited

1. While standing on the northeast platform, shoot the Red Target in the corner/ on the lower level of the base.

2. Shoot the Red Target above the machinery on the southeast platform/ on the lower level of the base.

3. On the upper walkways, the second floor of the base, destroy the big Yellow Crate to reveal the flag.

4. On the third floor, shoot the hologram TV in the same room as the Transfer Device; you’ll probably want to kill everyone in the room before doing this, though.

5. Get in your Arwing, and head outside to the east section of space; fire the Red Target that will appear on a low-floating asteroid to the far east.

Mission Four

Fichina - Into the Storm

1. When you first jump into the LandMaster, shoot the Red Target on the pillar next to you by turning to it; DON’T MOVE YET, just turn.

2. Now cross the ice bridge north to the pillar and shoot the small, black object that acts as a sort of entryway.

3. Head into the ice cave west of the Eastern Power Crystal and shoot the Red Target inside.

4. First, kill the giant “roly-poly” on the highest ledge of the northern east area. Shoot the bottom of the ice crystal where the Red Target will appear.

5. Before you go inside the base, hover to the top of the west entrance and shoot the Red Target.

Mission Five

Asteroid Belt - The Aparoid Menace

1. When a fleet of purple-spinning ships appear, shoot them all, one of them has the flag.

2. When you reach the area with the asteroids that attack you, shooting the last one will reveal a flag.

3. Where the prototype appears on the base, shoot the “Purple Thing” on the ground near the prototype.

4. Soon after you kill the prototype, a bunch of ships will fly toward you. Shoot the ship on the left.

5. Before Peppy tells you “To the left, Fox!”, shoot the Purple Thing on the right side of the area.

Mission Six

Sauria - Reunion

1. There is a cave at the end of a bridge underneath the temple where Krystal is “fighting.” Shoot the Red Target

2. On the upper-corner on the roof of the temple where Krystal is “fighting”, shoot the Red Target on one of the small pillar-like structures.

3. On the bottom floor in the southwest temple, a bunch of “egg-like” Aparoids will attack. Once they’re disposed of, shoot the Red Target where they were popping out of.

4. Now head to the back of the temple and shoot the pile of rocks and pillars with the LandMaster to reveal the fourth flag.

5. In the water of the West waterfall, shoot the Red Target underneath the rushing waterfall.

Mission Seven

Corneria - War Comes Home

1. On the roof of the LunaStone Hotel, shoot the Red Target on the western side of the roof

2. In the northeast corner of the city, head to the four red buildings; it’s on the roof of the southwest building. Blast at the “fin’s” base.

3. Shoot the north side of the roof on the Green building to the immediate southwest of the Central Square.

4. Atop the tall white highrise in the northwest, head up the two ramp/stairways. Walk around the edges to reach the western platform and shoot the floor.

5. On the building to the immediate west of the Central Square is the orange/purple building where you must head up the 1st ramp, run to the southwest corner, and shoot the target.

Mission Eight

Orbital Gate - Incoming

1. Shoot the Red Target on the bottom “fin” of the actual Orbital Gate

2. At the bottom of the lowest-tip of the space station, shoot the butterfly-like Aparoid to reveal the flag

3. On the top of the lower, rotating section of the space station, shoot the Red Target

4. At the very top of the station, fly toward the structures with the two alien-like antennas, and shoot between them.

5. In the flight bay, on the underside of the station, shoot the outer rim where the Red Target appears.

Mission Nine

Aparoid Homeworld - Breaching the Defenses

1. On the green area of the northeast section of the base, shoot the center of the ground. Be careful! Once you grab it, an army of Aparoids will appear, so stay in the LandMaster.

2. Follow the path that circles the outside of the southernmost base. Shoot the Red Target that appears.

3. On the inside of the bottom floor of the southeast building, shoot the Red Target underneath the stairway ramp.

4. In the deepest part of the Purple Base, aim your weapon into the “cave” of the southeast corner and shoot the are

5. Fly the Arwing to the top of the structure that looks down at the entire base. Hit the brakes, and shoot the Red Target on the tip of it.

Mission Ten

Homeworld Core - The Final Battle

1. As you fly toward the first big, round, purple ship that fires ships at you, shoot the center.

2. As you fly through the tube lined with two kinds of turrets, blast the top-left of the tube to reveal a flag.

3. Where the hologram shields begin to form, brake, and fire into the center of the top-right hole to reveal a flag.

4. When you reach the spinning fans, shoot the first turret inside the first obstacle.

5. When the silver “invincible” Aparoids appear at the end, shoot the monsters on the lower part to reveal the final flag. You must shoot their eyes when they open.

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here's a link to a visual guide for the flags:


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