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America needs YOU for TA war


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ok,ok sue me because the topic name...anyways....

first of all, TA is a strategy game...(see more about it on this link hax http://forums.starfox-online.net/index.php?topic=1116.0 , DO NOT revive that topic please)

Me , Dashie and XG (well....no comments about him :P), would like to make some sort of clan wars on this game, and since it's better if we play with people that we know...making clans here and fight for glory, peace and pie will be great.

The idea is simple, get the game, learn the basics, and form a small team of 2-3 members each, in that way we all could make great matches and kill each other until the dawn rises.

our TA names are :



[FX]Celestial fox

(notice the team tags)

so...to make your life easier, I will attach a word pad document with all the links you need.

Warning this game requires at least 1.2ghz , 512 ram and 56kbps (better if you have DSL) to play 2 vs 2 matches without any seriously lag

[attachment deleted due to age]

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Steve I think you mean DSL internet :P.

Anyway, yes this a RTS (real time strategy) game in which you produce metal and energy to build more things that build more things that build more things until you have an army and a well defended base :lol:. We cannot have any more people on [FX] cause I can't host matches bigger than 3vs3. Each game takes normally about 1 to 2 hours, me and Steve could give you some advice once you get to know the units and how they work.

Here's a few screenies if you're still not convinced...








I hope to see you soon  o_O

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I'll think about it, Looks at the pics....

Battle ships, Mechs, big booms....

Maybe Yes...

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I don't know Steve, you were the one that told me to uninstal it on the first place  :shock:

Hell yeah why not? I still remember this game... ... ... ... I always sucked at it  o_O

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well that was the past my friend! (also blame dash and XG for that <__________<, I wasn't planning to play that thing alone, and you never put effort on games soo, it was better if we all had it unistalled) . But now.....we are on this again :shock:.

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Well thing is I only played it ONCE...

But I want to play it again! .. sometime...! ..

Btw, am I the only one who have downloaded the text-file..<.<?

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