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Would someone like to try and draw some of my chars? When I try and draw them, I'm ether lazy, can't get to a scanner, unsure how to procced, procrastination bug.....you name it, I have it! :P :P


But on a serious note, I want people to use there imagination first to figure out what my guys look like, me makeing pic of them will take the challenge out of it, and plus, I want to see if people are still useing they're imagination.

So the specs are below, If I've left out anything, just tell me....

PS: Wicked Nox already tried doing Domino, maybe someone could do him differently or someone else?

Name: Domino Hu Row

Age: 20 (Somtimes when useing powers, age changes)

Gender: Male

Species: Human X 10 (H2O, Human 2.0, Upgraded Human....like I'm useing Biomods or Impants)

Rank: Commander/Pilot

Fur/Skin Color: (In furry/were-human mode) - Mix of Red, Black, White, and Glod (Skin mode) - Light orangy red skin

Eye color: Black Right, White Left, Red and gold everywhere else on/in eyes

(Optional)Homeworld: Digital Earth Prime in a parallel universe (In other words, I lived in computer systems, until something like Digimon happend)

(Optional)Nationality: Canadian

Fleet: Stardust Movement

Weapons: Guns - YinZX and YangZX, Sword/Keyblade - The RainbowZX, Whip - CrackerZX, DaggerZX - Time and Space

(Optional)Bio: Once lived in computer systems of Earth, as a virus, then was cured by a computer wizard by the name of Wendy, but then the Digimon era began and somehow humans were begining to turn into digital entitys because the planet was dieing, then he and two others fled the planet and now are lost near the Lylat system...

Name: Mewfii

Age: Unknown (Mewfii: A girl has to keep secrets you know!)

Gender: Female (Mewfii: I got no d*** to prove that)

Species: Mewtwo

Abillitys: She can swich between being a Mew to a Mewtwo and back, being a Mewtwo just gives her a sence of balence

Rank: Second Pilot/Doctor

Fur/Skin Color: Light pink and Really dark purple (Mewfii: I don't have fur, and never call me Sqwishy, Mewthree or Sleah)

Eye color: UnCanny (Mewfii: That means I don't have just one color at one time, depends on my mood mostly)

Name: Ranymon

Age: Unknown (Ranymon: Digimon don't have age, unless your thinking computer terms...)

Gender: Male (Ranymon: I definetly Male. Renamon is ether female or genderless...)

Species: Digital Kitune

Rank: Pilot/Scout/Pearl-Warrior

Fur Color: (Normal mode) - Dark brown, (Attack mode) - Pearly white and red

Eye color: Unknown...(Ranymon: My eyes are usualy closed...)


Mind Symbiont: Nathan from reality (Note: I bring in myself like I'm in my story other then the game of life, but only when I'm feeling bad about something, otherwise I'm in my stories)

Mind Symbiont: Nate, the evil side of Nathan (Nate: Have you played Kingdom Hearts 2 lately people? Just think of me as someone in a Organization 13 suit.....Sheseh)

^About Mind Symbionts - They can just sit in someones mind, sometime control person they are in, can influence them to do stuff, same as control but the person choses to do it...not the symbiont....

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