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Akursed: Nitemares and Dreams [15+]

Guest Chiro-Chan

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Guest Chiro-Chan

Since apparently these 'Kursed' stories are so popular here, I decided to take a crack at one. Beware of 1950's superhero comics cheesy-ness.

Prologue: The Alias

"Ever since last month, I finally figured it out. I've been trying to hard to be someone I'm not. But I can't just stand around and watch the universe go by. I can't run away, but I can't just sit here, nor can I be someone I'm not meant to be. So I took on this alias. To keep me from harm, and to keep others from harm."

It was early fall. Leaves were falling from the trees that dotted the sidewalk of Manson Street, an old roadway in Corneria City. This was in the older section of town, where the roads were still paved and not steely like the newer ones. A small grocery store was closing up for the night, when the owner heard a click. He looked up to see a masked Lylatian pointing a blaster at his muzzle.

"Gimme all those credits." The robber snarled, as he cocked his blaster ready to shoot the old canine in the head. The old shiba inu slowly raised his paws into the air, shaking.

"I'll give ya to the count of three... Two... One..."


The cowering manager looked up to see a vixen behind the robber slumping to the floor, the moonlight illuminating her backside, but in the process shrouding her face with shadow.

"I'll take it from here. You just finish closing up." She held a blaster, the back side modeled so that it was heavy and thick, and would be intended not only to shoot, but also to hit with the back end, as she had just done. He nodded, and scuttled off to finish his business. In a few moments, the police had arrived, and arrested the burglar.

"It was so strange. For a moment, I thought the guy was gonna shoot me, and then this lady appears out of nowhere and whacks him with the backside of her gun! It was astonishing... Just astonishing..."

The policewoman who was talking to the owner nodded, and took notes. "Alright old timer, but there's no need to make up stories..."

He just shook his head. "It's true, ma'am. It's all true..."

Chapter 1: Ghost in the Machine

She ran. She leaped. She landed on her feet, and ran again. She whipped her staff out and pole vaulted up to the next building. She was Kursed. Or at least that's what her alias was. Her real name was Krystal, but she made sure no one could find this out. It was her job to be a wandering hero, randomly saving innocent lives. What happened in the past didn't matter now. It was all about today and tomorrow. No turning back. She leaped again, and landed on top of an apartment building to fluff her long blue hair, and get a good overview of the city. She sat down, re-sheathing her staff, and pulled a small radio from her bag, and flicked it on.

"K119, this is K209. We got somethin' screwy goin' on down on Avenue 9, at that machinery factory. Requesting bac-" *click* That was enough. She knew what she had to do, and returned the radio to her bag. She leaped up to her feet, and turned towards the street, which was busy with cars.

Oh, I hate doing this, but... Kursed leaped into the air, tumbling a few times, and used her staff's boost rocket to slow her fall. *THUNK* She landed on top of a car, which from within, she heard the sound of 3 surprised voices. The vixen took a deep breath, and leaped from car to car, slowly approaching Avenue 9, and a machinery factory. She took one last leap finally, and landed near the factory.

I need to find a better way to get across town... Kursed thought, exasperated, and giving a sigh. She re-sheathed her staff, and grabbed onto one of her blasters out, entering the factory.

Kursed fumbled for a light switch, feeling around on the wall.

Ah, here it is... What?! She looked close, to see that the switch had been mutilated with what appeared to be claw marks and sword marks.

...What happened? She turned back and heard a laugh echo down the large room, and then looked up to see a shadowy figure. She could make out the shape of his head, but not much else. However, the moonlight illuminated the rest of his body. A long, black jacket hung down to his shoe-less feet, one side having a sleeve, topped off by a shoulder pad, and the other was torn completely off, leaving a ragged tear. An arm hung out of this, a seemingly familiar tawny, golden orange brown color, but this color was automatically cut off with a long, jet black glove. The end had no fingers on it, thus, re-revealing his hand, which was clutching a sword, more than a third of his height. His clothes underneath were simple: A white, sleeveless shirt, a belt and a pair of dark green pants.

He chuckled. "Looks like I found you first..." He drew up his claymore, and slashed it into the side of a tank, causing strange green liquid to ooze out.

"Don't worry. It's only deadly if you touch it. Better run."

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they are so popular because of me..... Because I love kursed. Since no one wants to die, everyone likes Kursed! Everyone just wants to please me!

-as for a review well.... The concept of Kursed being some kind of hero, doesn't sit well with me, but then again it is YOUR story not mine. Anyways, the plot seems well thought out so far. I like cliff hangers like this!

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Guest Chiro-Chan

Naw, I more or less think this was the result of watching a cheesy movie based on a comic. I just used this, because an 'AU super heroes lol' thing would be stupid, and I like messing with the Command endings. Besides, the 'Kursed is evil omg' stuff is too stereotypical, and stupid to me. I don't like bandwagon writing. )=

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Kursed a superhero? Interesting! And not entirely incompatible with the Star Wolf ending of Command.

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Guest Chiro-Chan

Chapter 2: Claymore

The liquid oozed towards her, like viscous lava that had just been spewed from the depths of a volcano. The arctic fox took a step back, noticing a flight of stairs. Kursed sprinted up them, and turned to her opponent, who she now had a fairly clear look at. His face seemed even more familiar, had it not been covered by a black kerchief with little slits in it for eye holes. They were small though, and she couldn't make out what was underneath. He had a scar racing down the left side of his face, and going over where his eye was supposed to be. Kursed whipped her blasters out, and aimed them at the other vulpine. "Who are you, and what do you want?" She demanded.


"Tell me!" She thrust them into his face, her face now locked in a hardened glare.

"Claymore. You call yourself 'Kursed', but your name is Krystal." He grinned

"You... How did you..." She stammered, her blasters lowering a bit.

Claymore's grin widened. "I know alot about you... I know even more about the events ready to unfold..." He whipped his sword from behind himself, and approached her. Kursed's left blaster whipped up, smacking him in the muzzle. She held them up again, ready to strike. The other fox took a few steps back, rubbing his muzzle. "What harm could I ever do to you...?" He murmured.

"Though... It doesn't matter now... Something is about to happen... Something dark... It's unfolding before your very eyes..."

Kursed's eyes widened. "You... Get out. You're not supposed to be here... Get out. Now."

Claymore shook his head. "I'm not leaving unless you come with me..." He smiled again.

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