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Offical Video Game Genre Poll

Gene Inari

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Action-Adventure are games like Legend of Zelda and Metroid.

First Person Shooters are games like Doom and Halo.

Third Person Shooter examples are; Max Payne and Gears of War

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter is a Tactical Shooter.

Street Fighter is what Fighting Games are all about.

If you level up skills and/or explore it's a RPG.

Diablo started what we call Hack n' Slash games.

Games like Mario and Sonic started the classic Platformer genre.

I would think Sport games are self-explanatory.

Grand Turismo started the Simulation Racing genre.

Mario Kart is a prime example of Arcade Racers.

Games like the Warhammer series and Total War games are RTS games.

Turn Based games are similar, but with less pressure from the clock. The Civilization games are a good example

Massively Multiplayer Online games could be a part of any other genre, but most often in RPG. World of Warcraft -- 'nuff said.

Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero are Rhythm games.

Ikaruga and the earlier Starfox games are Scrolling Shooters aka Rail Shooters.

If ya like be sneaky, Stealth games are to your liking. Metal Gear Solid started it all.

Games with lots of scary stuff, works best in a dark room. Resident Evil anybody?

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Action-Adventure (Gundam: EiS-styled), RTS, Rail, and Space Sims. Of course, I like most of them, but these are my most cherished genres.

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RPGs, Fighting, Third and First Person Shooters, Survival horror, Platformer, Action Adventures, Scrolling shooters. Blah blah blah....

In No particular order need I say.

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My choices are,

Survival- Horror                (Resident Evil)

First Person Shooters        (Metroid Prime)

Turn Based Strategy          (Fire Emblem)

RPG                                (Final Fantasy)

Action Adventure              (Legend of Zelda)

Scroll shooters                (Starfox)

Pretty much it, and whats the type of genre for the old metroid games again, those are my favorites too

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Action-adventure, RPG, Platformer, Arcade Racing, Turn-based Strategy and Rhythm.

*waits for Foxbird to counter with a poll even more impressive and complicated*

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Anything that's like Mario, Donkey Kong Country, or Star Fox.

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