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Star Fox: Protocal (PG)


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My name is ARWINGCOMMANDER3987. I'm new here, and I'll introduce myself by sharing with you my new fanfic,

Star Fox: Protocal.The story takes place after the "Lucy and Krystal" ending in Star Fox Command. It also involves Star Fox fighting to save a mysterious planet outside the Lylat System. Oddly enough, this particular planet is (Wait for it)......Cerinia!! Krystal's homeworld. Let's get started.

Chapter 1: Proposals And Nightmares

Fox is standing on the Great Fox's main bridge, staring off into space, smiling calmly.

Fox: ("I'll do it. I'll do it tonight. Tonight I'll just come out and say it!") (Looks at a wedding ring he's holding in his hand) ("Why didn't I ask her from the start? Why?")

Krystal's Voice: Something wrong Fox? (Fox turns around)

Fox: OH! Krystal. You gave me a bit of a scare.

Krystal: Something's up with you. I can tell by your nervous behaviour.

Fox: After we defeated the Anglars, and you came back to the team, I suddenly had the urge to ask you this. (Gets down on his knees and holds up his fist)

Krystal: What are you doing? Oh no! It's too good to be true!

Fox: It is true. (Opens up his hand revealing the ring) Krystal, will you become Mrs. Fox McCloud? (Krystal stands in shock, until she drops down and hugs Fox, shedding tears of joy)

Krystal: Oh Fox! *sob**sob**sob* I had a feeling you'd *sob* say something like that! *sob**sob* This is the happies night of my life!

Fox: Same here Krystal. Everything's gonna be alright.

Meanwhile, Bill Grey and his squadron are investigating Venom for any remaining Anglar fighters.

Bill: See anything yet boys?

Pilot #1: Nothing yet Commander Grey.

Pilot #2: Maybe General Peppy was right. Star Fox and Star Wolf pretty much took down the majority of the Anglars. (Notices a strange cloud forming around Venom) What the heck is that? (Lasers fly out and destroy several of the ships in the squadron) AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

Pilot #2: YYYAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

Bill: Fall back!! Fall back and get out of here!!

Bill and the remaining Cornerian fighters fly away, just as 4 more of them are destroyed. Inside the cloud lurks two mysterious, familiar red eyes.

Mysterious Voice: Yes you fools. Run like the dogs you are. A few of you were lucky not to wake up dead like my victims. Once I complete my army reconstruction process, and get my hands on the girl, I will be unstoppable. Fox McCloud, you and your team will soon meet the same fate as any who oppose me. AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Later that night, Krystal is turning back and forth in her bed, having a terrifying nightmare.

Krystal: No! NO! NO!!

Krystal is dreaming that Andross's army is attacking Cerinia. She sees Venomian fighters destroying the planet's capital city, Cerinian soldiers getting killed in battle, and civilians taken trying to flee for their lives. Above the planet, a large space station charges up energy at a laser beacon in it's center. It fires the laser leaving nothing but a white light that engulfs everything. The last thing Krystal sees in the dream is Andross with a wicked expression on his face. Krystal wakes up screaming.

Krystal: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *panting**panting**panting* (The other members of Star Fox come right in. Fox rushes over to the side of her bed)

Fox: Krystal!! Are you okay?! (Krystal buries her face into his chest)

Krystal: Fox. *sniffles* It was so horrible.

Falco: So what happened? Why did we hear you scream louder than the fat lady at the opera house?

Slippy: That's not a very sensitive question Falco.

Krystal: Andross. *sniffles* He.....he killed my parents....

Falco: Surprise, surprise.

Krystal: I saw him in my nightmare. He used a giant laser beam on Cerinia, the planet where I came from. I don't know what the beam did to Cerinia, but I have a feeling it's what killed my parents, and the entire populace as well. Other than that, I barely remember anything about Cerinia.

Slippy: So tell us what you remember? What was Cerinia like?

Krystal: Other than the havoc that was happening in my dream, Cerinia was beautiful. There was a massive capital city thriving with the populace. Cerinia's geography consisted of tropical jungles and oceans, kind of like Cape Claw on Sauria. The only other things I remember are that I woke up later, greeted by a Cornerian doctor named Collin Randorn. He didn't know about me either. I only remembered where I was from, and who my name was, but not who my parents were. Then a couple of mounths later, I got that distress signal from Sauria.

Falco: We all know where the story progresses after that, don't we?

Fox: Just be strong Krystal. I'm sure you'll know more about your past soon.

Krystal: Thank you Fox.

Fox: And here's a little something to help you get back to sleep. (Hums a relaxing tune. Krystal slowly closes her eyes and falls back to sleep)

Slippy: How did you do that?

Falco: Don't ask me how he did it. I ain't never heard a sappy little lullaby like that since I was five years old.

Fox: My dad used to hum that to me when I was just a kit. Hearing it even from myself makes me feel all calm and mushy on the inside.

Falco: Uuuhhhh......yeah...You do that. Well, I'm gonna go hit the hay. I have to get up at 8:00 AM to watch the

Cornerian Poker Tournament on TV. (Leaves the room) Good thing we have satellite. G'night guys.

Fox: Night Falco.

Slippy: Good night Fox. (Leaves)

Fox: See you in the morning Slip. (Turns to Krystal, who is fast asleep) Good night Krystal. (Kisses her on the forehead and pets her hair) Soon I'll have to call you honey. (Leaves, but Krystal stops him)

Krystal: Fox?

Fox: Hmm?

Krystal: Can you sleep with me tonight?

Fox: What?! But...I..uh...

Krystal: I don't mean the other thing Fox.

Fox: Oh alright. (Gets into bed with her) G-good night.

Krystal: Good night. (Falls back asleep, but Fox is too flustered to sleep)

Fox: ("This is embarrassing.")

Chapter 1-The End

I told you it was a PG rated fic. What with the violent deaths, and now Fox and Krystal sleeping in the same bed together. The next chapter will be up soon.

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You know the mysterious figure who killed most of Bill's wingmates in the first chapter? In this next one, I'll tell you more about it.

Chapter 2: Unknown Assailant

The next day, Bill is talking to General Peppy back at the Cornerian Air Force command center. With them is an owl named Collin Randorn, the scientist Krystal mentioned. They're discussing what happened around Venom.

Bill: And that's what happened sir. Very little of us made it back alive.

Peppy: We've never had this sort of crisis before. The more of these incidents start affecting Lylat the worse it gets. First Andross, then the Aparoids, then the Anglars, and now this mysterious enemy from Venom's orbit.

Bill: I think it was some left over Anglar ships using the cloud as camouflage.

Randorn: Could be Bill. The Anglars were just as sneaky and clever as Andross or the Aparoids. I've seen every astronomical vapor known to the galaxy, but this has me completely baffled.

Bill: We might need Star Fox for this one. If there's anybody who can deduce what's going on, they can.

Meanwhile on Venom, in a mysterious underground laboratory, the mysterious figure who attacked Bill's squadron is performing a dark experiment. The lab is full of large tubes filled with green fluid, each one with a small mass of cells in the center.

Mysterious Voice: It will be just a few more days. I have plenty of time to rebuild my forces. Just think. All I had to do to get started was handpick several dozen volunteers of the worst scum in the Lylat System, take tissue samples from each one of them, and begin a cloning operation! Not even Star Fox can stop me now!! Huh huh ha ha ha ha ha!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

Later the next day, Star Fox is having breakfast. She stops to ask Fox something.

Krystal: Fox? Can you do me a favour?

Fox: Sure. What?

Krystal: Can we go visit Dr. Randorn?

Falco: The old fart you met at the hospital or somewhere? What do you wanna ask this guy?

Krystal: I want to ask him if he knows anything about Cerinia.

Slippy: I've heard of Dr. Randorn. He's an old friend of my dad's. Although I doubt he'd know very much about certain places, because Randorn's more into biology and medicine, not technology or space travel.

Fox: Scientists don't have to stick with just one type of science Slippy. I bet he's an expert on just about anything. Why else would he be a medical officer for the Cornerian military?

Falco: I don't know. He's a crackpot they yanked off the street just to give him a job?

Fox: I don't care who he is. We're just gonna talk to him to see what he knows about Cerinia. ROB, set course for Corneria.

ROB: Affirmative. I feel like going for a little drive anyway. (The Great Fox flies off slowly for Corneria)

Later, Randorn is sitting in his office typing on a computer. He hears knocking at his door.

Randorn: Come in. Come in. I've got time on my hands. (Sees Star Fox stand before him as they enter) Ah, the famous

Star Fox flight squadron. How good of you to visit me this afternoon. I rarely get visitors from people besides my patients.And how are you Krystal. You still look so young.

Krystal: Thank you Doctor.

Fox: We came here to ask you if you knew anything about a planet called Cerinia.

Falco: Now spill the guts for us grandpa.

Randorn: Cerinia you say? I was asked the same thing when I thawed Krystal out.

Slippy: Thawed her out? She was frozen when you met her?

Randorn: She might have already explained this to you, but I know exactly what happened when we found her. It all started one day when some transport personelle delivered a large capsule to my cryogenics lab on Macbeth. Once they put it in the lab, I rubbed the fog off of it's front and discovered the most shocking thing in my life! It was you Krystal! I released you from the capsule, and when I did you seemed to be in a state of fear and panic. You asked me several questions like "Where am I?", "Who are you?", "What happened?". We did a small analysis on you, and vital signs told us you had been frozen around 1975.

Falco: So technically she's old enough to be Fox's old lady?! Gross!!

Randorn: If I may continue. We also learned that being frozen in the capsule had greatly affected Krystal's memory. She only remembered where she was from, what her name was, and how to use the mysterious staff she had with her.

Fox: That Staff....It must have something to do with who her parents were. (Falco bags his fist on Randorn's desk)

Falco: Listen poindexter! Krystal already told us that stuff, now answer the blasted question! What do you know about Cerinia?!

Randorn: Oh, yes! Sorry I was a bit off topic. I happen to know that Cerinia was a peaceful planet of the Krazoa galaxy. I don't know how, but an evil force destroyed the planet, leaving it completely lifeless. Krystal's parents must have saved her by putting her in that capsule, sending her off to a safer location.

Slippy: That's...*sniff* that's so sad.

Krystal: So do you know where the Krazoa galaxy is Doctor?

Randorn: It's not far from Lylat. All we need to do is simply use specific coordinates in the orbital gate to get there.

Slippy: Oh yeah! I could've suggested that, couldn't I?

Falco: Whatever frog face.

Later, the Great Fox is floating in front of the orbital gate. Fox is requesting service from the gate operator.

Operator: How may I help you sir?

Fox: We'd like to travel to the Krazoa galaxy. How much?

Operator: One hundread Cornerian dollars per person.

Falco: What?! That's highway robbery you big fat (Fox cuts him off)

Fox: Never mind Falco. He just tends to get agitated at a lot of things. We'll gladly pay the fee.

Operator: Thank you. The gate will just take a few seconds to activate.

Meanwhile, Star Wolf is flying through Sector Z in their newly acquired mother ship, the Menacing Wolf. The Menacing Wolf appears much like the Great Fox, except it's black, and more menacing in appearance. On board, Wolf is sitting on the ship's main deck throwing darts at Fox's photograph.

Wolf: That lousy wet nosed pup! (Throws a dart) Why does he always take away my business?! (Throws another dart) If I ever get my hands on him he'll wish he was already dead! (Throws a dart, just as a signal light on the bridge's computer console flashes) What now? (Presses the button. A large monitor comes down, and the mysterious figure from Venom is heard talking to Wolf) What is it you want with me? I'm in a bad mood right now, so unless it's business leave me the heck alone.

Mysterious Voice: I have a job offer for you and your team, Wolf O'Donnell. It concerns your rivalry with a certain team

Star Fox.

Wolf: Lay it on me then.

Chapter 2-The End

There's the latest chapter. Hope you like it. 

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Here's the latest chapter guys. This time I'm gonna talk about who Wolf is talking too.

Chapter 3: Star Wolf's Revenge:

Wolf is continuing his conversation with the mysterious figure. Leon and Oikonny come in and stand next to him.

Wolf: What do you want us to do that concerns Star Fox?

Mysterious Voice: With them as you know is the beautiful young pilot, Krystal. (Panther pops up out of nowhere)

Panther: Krystal?! The woman I treasure so dearly since I first met her?! (Wolf punches him)

Wolf: Shut up lover boy!!

Andross: I want you and your team to track down Star Fox and capture Krystal.

Oikonny: What is it about her that's so special? Are we going to hold her for ransom or something?

Mysterious Voice: Something like that.

Leon: I'm good with this mission as long as I can tear every last feather off Falco Lombardi's arrogant, cowerdly hide!

Andross: You will if you want Leon.

Leon: This is perfect!! I've been waiting for my second chance.

Mysterious Voice: Whatever you want from me in terms of money, I can pay you no matter what the fee is.

Wolf: Mmm.....This is gonna be a tough operation for us, so I'm asking ya for 50,000 big ones. Get me?

Mysterious Voice: Very well Wolf. The deal is on. Contact me as soon as you have the girl. Ha ha ha ha ha!! (Hangs up)

Leon: Finally we get to hurt somebody again!! I love this job!!

Panther: Krystal my dear, I'm coming back to you.

Oikonny: Slippy Toad. That annoying little frog! This time I'll make him stick to the pond.

Wolf: All of you just shut up and follow me down to the hangar.

Later, Star Wolf runs down a long dark hallway similar to Star Fox on the Great Fox, but the hangar bay on the Menacing Wolf is darker and more intimidating looking. Star Wolf gets to the end of the hallway. Waiting for them are their 4 Wolfens, their wings folded inwards. They board the ships one at a time in the order of Wolf, Leon, Panther, then Oikonny. The cockpits close, and Star Wolf communicates with the Menacing Wolf's robot pilot DEATH, basically an evil version of ROB donning a black and red color scheme like the Wofens.

DEATH: Releasing the lift lock. Launching all ships!

The Wolfens fly out of the hangar. Their wings fold back out, and they blast off into the background.

Wolf: Look out Star Fox. This time Star Wolf isn't gonna fool around.

A large green portal opens up in space, and out of it comes the Great Fox. Star Fox is gathered at the bridge, and are shocked to see a large frozen planet before them.

Krystal: *gasp*

Fox: This planet...It's frozen solid!!

Falco: Aw man, I hate these frosty places.

Slippy: Could this be Cerinia?

Fox: It might be. We'll have to go down there to find out. Let's go!

Later, Star Fox are flying through the planet's skies. Fox looks below to see various objects frozen with the planet, including people, wrecked star fighters, dead soldiers lying on the ground, people with looks of panic on their faces, and appear to have been running from something before being frozen.

Fox: It's horrible.

Slippy: This planet bears a near perfect resemblance to what Krystal said Cerinia looked like.

Falco: But I thought everybody here was dead. How come they're a bunch of Popsicles instead?

Slippy: Being frozen can also mean death, but that depends on how they were frozen.

Krystal: ................

Fox: We should land to check it out.

They land next to a group of frozen people, get out, and closely examine the frozen individuals.

Krystal: ....Fox.........

Fox: Something wrong Krystal? (Slippy is scanning a frozen man with a small scanner he has with him)

Slippy: I'm not getting any major sings of life. Krystal, can you sense any brain patterns from these people?

Falco: She looks like she's too terrified to do that Slip.

Krystal: ...Fox....These people........I can't get any brain patterns from them....This means they're.....dead!!

Fox: *gasp* Then....this could be Cerinia. (Falco notices a large building off in the distance)

Falco: Look!! (Everyone looks) There's a huge building off in the North West. It could be a palace or something.

Fox: We better see what it is!

Later, Star Fox is walking in the main entrance way of the building Falco saw. In front of them as they walk by are armed guards. At the back end of the large room they're in are a blue furred male and female Fox sitting in two thrones.

Slippy: The two people sitting on these, uh, thrones, look a lot like they're related to Krystal.

Falco: They must have been the head honchos around here before everybody was iced dead.

Krystal: .......I....think.....I think I know...who they are.... (Tears build up in her eyes)

Fox: Who are they? (Realizes something) Oh no. I think I know too.

Krystal: They're my parents!! (Gets down on her knees and starts crying) *sob**sob**sob**sob**sob*

Chapter 3-The End

Sad isn't it. Don't worry, it'll all be worked out by the end of this fic.

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This was actually timed perfectly, because I just read the book Cat's Cradle, which ends with the world being frozen in a way very similar to Cerinia. What a coincidence.  :(

Anyways, if you haven't already posted this on FF.net or anything, I'd like to offer a bit of constructive criticism. There isn't much dramatic buildup to the team finding out that its Cerinia, because we already know that that was where they were going. Its already been established that Krystal's parents ruled Cerinia, so its not particularly surprising when we find out where they are. Also, there are a few spelling mistakes throughout the story.

Hope I wasn't too nitpicky.

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No you weren't. But I kinda disagree with you on one thing. I was trying to give Krystal a strong character, and have an intense, heartbreaking feel for her discovering that her parents have been dead for 30 something years. You'll know in future chapters to come.

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This is my newest chapter. Hope you like it.

Chapter 4: Princess Krystal?

Krystal is still in tears over discovering the frozen dead bodies of her parents.

Krystal: *sobbing**sobbing* (Stands back up) It's all *sniff* coming back to me now. My parents were the king and queen of Cerinia, which made me the crown princess. We had so much good times together, always making the best out of the worst. Before I was frozen Andross had come here when I was still 16. He told my parents that he was very interested in improving Cerinian technology. We all trusted him at first, but then he called in his army from Venom, and destroyed more than half our army. Mother and father feared for my safety, so I got in that cryogenics capsule like they told me. Before I was frozen and jettisoned off to the stars, I told them "Mother, father, I love you. I'll never forget you.". But up until now I did. (Fox hugs her) *sob**sob*

Fox: Let it out Krystal. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that happened.

Krystal: Don't be Fox. *sob* Don't be.

Meanwhile, Star Wolf enters a gloomy space station functioning as a bar. The patrons of the bar are a bunch of lowlife criminals mixed in with gamblers. They watch as Wolf and his crew enter and sit down at the counter.

Wolf: Bartender! (The bartender comes up to him)

Bartender: Can I help you mac?

Wolf: We're looking for a group of star fighter pilots by the name of Star Fox. Have you by any chance seen them?

Bartender: No I haven't.

Wolf: Maybe a picture will help you. (Whips out a picture of Star Fox and slams it in the bartender's face)

Bartender: Mmph!! (Pushes the picture out of his face) Yeah I've seen these guys, just not recently. What do you want from them anyway?

Wolf: We can make it worth your while if you tell us where they're headed.

Bartender: What kind of offer do you have for me?

As Wolf snaps his fingers, Leon points a blaster in the bartender's mouth, Panther holds a knife to the bartender's neck, and Oikonny points an electric prod at the bartender's eyes. The bartender becomes very nervous.

Wolf: You either tell us where Star Fox is going, or the boys here will see to it that you serve beer in the afterlife!! Now tell us where Star Fox is!!!

Bartender: I overheard them when they told the Cornerian Orbital gate that they were headed for the Krazoa galaxy! I have a feeling they won't let a bunch of hoods like you use it, but it's not too far outside the Lylat System! There! I told you where they are, now please don't kill me! I've got a wife and son to support!

Wolf: You made the right choice. (Leon, Panther, and Oikonny pull back their weapons) Pleasure doing business with ya. (Star Wolf starts walking out) Leon! Panther! Oikonny! Let's get back to the mission!

Leon: That was fun scaring that bum, but it wasn't as much fun as tearing off Lombardi's tail feathers will.

Oikonny: Seems that I've developed Uncle Andross's sense of intimidation. Were you impressed by that display Wolf?

Panther: Krystal, my darling space rose. I am still worrying about you out there. So much that I can't even sleep at night. (Wolf punches him)

Wolf: One more talk of sappiness out of you and I'll hang your head over a fireplace.

Star Fox is back on the Great Fox. Krystal is asleep in bed trying to further calm herself down, although tears still come from her eyes. At Krystal's request, Fox is sleeping in the same bed with her, but he's much less flustered about it this time knowing Krystal needs emotional support. Fox can't sleep. He's still thinking about the horrifying things Star Fox saw on what's left of Cerinia.

Fox: ("This is awful. How could something like this have happened? Andross!! That no good mad ape!! I bet he did all that!! How could he have lied to all those people then brutally kill them a few years later?!! I better stop thinking about it. I'll try to think about something else or I won't get too sleep. But what?") (Looks over at Krystal) ("Hmm.....") (His heart starts racing) ("It's a good start, but I think it'll keep me awake. Oh well.")

Krystal: ("Fox.")

Fox: ("Yes Krystal?")

Krystal: ("I love you.")

Fox: ("I love you too.") (Falls asleep, but he and Krystal are awoken by a large impact)

Krystal: What was that?!

Fox: I think we were hit by something, but I don't know yet!

ROB's Voice: Danger! Danger! Great Fox is under attack! Must dispatch all ships for battle! (Falco and Slippy burst through the bedroom door)

Falco: Fox! Krystal! We gotta get out there to fight!

Slippy: It's Star Wolf!

Fox: Let's get going then!!

Later, the Arwings fly out of the Great Fox's hangar bay, and charge at Star Wolf.

Fox: What do you want from us Wolf?!

Wolf: We want your lovely lady friend Fox.

Leon: The guy we're turning her over is paying top dollar for her.

Panther: You will soon feel the sting of a panther's claws! *snarl*

Oikonny: Hey froggy! Did ya miss your superior genius?!

Slippy: We'll never turn Krystal over to you!

Falco: You'll just have to let us kick your tails as usual!

Wolf: So be it Star Fox.

Chapter 4-The End

I hope you liked this chapter.

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Here's the next chapter. This is where the fun starts.

Chapter 5: Andross

Star Fox is now battling with Star Wolf. Fox targets Wolf.

Fox: I won't let you take Krystal! (Fires but misses as Wolf's ships disappears) What?! It vanished!!

Krystal: He must have installed some sort of camouflage device. 

Wolf: That's right. (Appears behind Fox, shoots him with a charged shot, disabling him)

Fox: ARGH!! My engine's been crippled!

Falco: I'll help ya Fox!!

Leon: Not so fast!! (Drops a cluster bomb in front of Falco)

Falco: Holy smokes!! (The bomb detonates, the explosion hits Falco, and Falco's ship is disabled) That's the end of me. I can't do any more fighting for now.

Slippy: These guys have gotten better since the last time we saw them!

Oikonny: You've got that right Slippy. (Hits Slippy with a barrage of lasers) Three members of Star Fox down, and only one to go!

Panther: She is all mine! (Targets Krystal) Sorry my dear, but these are Wolf's orders.

Fox: Krystal!! Run for your life!!

Slippy: You won't be able to faze them!!

Falco: Get your tail out of here and find help!!

Krystal: Fox...everyone..... (Takes a hard hit) Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!! (Her ship is now disabled)

Wolf: Nice shot Panther. For once you didn't disappoint me.

Panther: Thank you very much. (Wolf grabs onto Krystal's ship with a tractor beam)

Wolf: Now you're coming with us Krystal.

Krystal: .....!!!

Fox: Krystal!! NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! (Tears build up in Fox's eyes as Star Wolf flies away with Krystal as their prisoner)

Later, Star Wolf have brought Krystal with them back to the Menacing Wolf. On board, Krystal is tied to a chair on the main bridge, while Wolf is communicating with the mysterious figure.

Wolf: Alright pal, capturing Krystal was almost too easy. Now let's talk business. Are you gonna come here, or do we have to come to you?

Mysterious Voice: No need to waist your time coming to see me Star Wolf. I'm on my way into your ship right now.

Outside, a Venomian space craft flies into the Menacing Wolf's hangar bay. Star Wolf and Krystal turn around to see the mysterious figure enter through the back door. The mysterious figure bears a black robe and a very familiar face. A face that makes Krystal enraged and terrified.

Krystal: *gasp* Andross!!

Oikonny: Dearest uncle?! I can't believe you've returned to us!! Can I get you anything?!

Andross: Ah! If it isn't the lovely young Krystal of team Star Fox. Have you learned about your origin yet?

Krystal: Yes I have. If I wasn't tied up right now I'd kill you for what you did to Cerinia!

Andross: Why don't I give you a choice your highness? Your choices are either killing me, or fulfilling your homeworld's resurrection?

Leon: Resurrection? What are you getting at? I kill people! I don't bring 'em back to life!

Panther: Maybe he means Krystal's beauty can revive the deceased. Well, I certainly think so.

Andross: What I mean is Krystal is a member of the Cerinian royal family, Sabre. Every newborn heir to the throne possesses the valuable gift of reversing death and destruction.

Wolf: Why use her and her girlie little super powers? Can't you build some kind of wacky heat ray or something to thaw out that would be tropical paradise?

Andross: The freeze ray I used over 35 years ago is irreversible. I had a feeling King Allan and Queen Kira would evacuate their beloved daughter so she'd live to see the future, so I'm using that to my advantage.

Krystal: I don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth Andross. Even if you saved Cerinia I know it would be for your own selfish benefit.

Andross: But if I don't carry out my master plan, your friends, family, and planet will forever remain lifeless. The choice is yours.

Krystal: ..............

Chapter 5-The End

There's chapter 5. I hope you found it entertaining.

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  • Owner/Technical Admin

That was a short battle scene, I was looking forward to something more 'detailed'.

It is still a good story however!  :D

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Thanks! I made the battle so short because I'm trying to say that this time Star Wolf has finally outwitted Star Fox.

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This is the latest chapter.

Chapter 6: Rescue Plan

The remaining members of Star Fox are back on the Great Fox planning a mission to rescue Krystal.

Fox: Here's the plan. First off, we need to figure out where Star Wolf took Krystal.

Slippy: Secondly, we need a clever ruse to help us get in without arousing suspicion.

Falco: Finally, we gotta figure out how to beat Wolf and his cronies. They used newer, stronger equipment on us this time! How the heck are we gonna top that? (Peppy's face appears on the monitor. Fox, Falco and Slippy turn to face it)

Peppy: Star Fox! I'm sure glad to have found you! My sources have told me that Andross has somehow brought himself back to life, and is stirring up something dangerous on Venom. We want you to investigate, but we're extra worried about this one, so I want you to come to the Cornerian military base on Katina.

Fox: We'd be glad to help out general, but we've got our hands full.

Falco: In case you haven't noticed, Krystal's not with us right now. Star Wolf beat the snot outta us and ran off with her.

Peppy: Then this meeting will be very useful in getting her back too. Please hurry Star Fox! Peppy out! (Hangs up)

Later, Star Fox is in the meeting place Peppy told them to be. Peppy and Beltino stand before them. Up by the wall behind them are 4 brand new Arwing fighters.

Beltino: Good to see you Star Fox. I hope you like what we have prepared for you behind us.

Slippy: Is it those new fighter craft? If so, then what's so special about them?

Peppy: They're no ordinary Arwings. They're specially equipped with a morphing battle system for any sort of emergencies in battle.

Falco: I still don't get what that means.

Fox: Are you sure these things can help us save Krystal?

Beltino: Try them out Fox. That way you'll see for yourself.

Peppy and Beltino watch as Fox, Falco, and Slippy board 3 of the 4 Arwings.

Fox: Nice fit, but it feels so much like sitting in an ordinary Arwing.

Falco: I hope these things can fly good. You know how much I hate clunky ships that don't work the same way I do.

Slippy: I don't know what these ships have that's gonna help us fight Star Wolf.

Beltino: The interesting aspect of these ships hasn't begun yet. I want each of you to turn the knob on the right hand side of the dashboard. Slippy, you're going to love this part of the process.

Fox: Understood!

Each of them does as Beltino says. Each of the Arwings transforms into a giant robot suit. The nose of the Arwing becomes a pair of legs, the wings and g-diffusers come off, the rear underside becomes a set of arms, the wings become a pair of swords, and the head comes out of the rear. 

Slippy: You're right dad! I love this part!

Falco: Guess we're ready to go get Krystal back.

Slippy: Finaly I'm tall enough to play for a basketball team. A little too tall though.

Fox: Hopefully this plan will help us stop Star Wolf. Let's go!!

The 3 of them speed right out of the front of the base. Fox, Falco, and Slippy head for Katina City.

Fox: Slippy, give us Star Wolf's location.

Slippy: Radar indicates they're hiding out in the center of Katina City. They must be stopping there for supplies.

Falco: I'll fly ahead and check if you're right. (Flies off)

Fox: Falco, wait a moment!! Dang it!! He always wants to shoot first and ask questions later.

Meanwhile, Star Wolf, Krystal, and Andross are hiding out in a fancy hotel room. Krystal is still tied up, with Leon and Oikonny pointing stun guns at her to make sure she cooperates.

Leon: Don't worry about a thing Krystal. It's all gonna be over soon. (Outside, Falco lands on the roof) If you make one move I'll fry the fur off that cute little muzzle of yours.

Krystal: The other members of Star Fox will stop you! Just wait and see!

Wolf: They can't stop me this time. We've upgraded our Wolfens with the latest weaponry. That's why our dogfight with them only took a few seconds.

Falco's Voice: Yo Star Wolf! Get out here with yer hands up!

Oikonny: Is that Falco?

Falco's Voice: Come up to the roof and see for yourself Oikonny!

Later, Star Wolf, Andross, and Krystal are up on the roof standing before Falco and his aircraft form.

Andross: Alright fool, we're here. Now what is this all about?

Falco: It's about this monkey man!! (Transforms into robot mode) How do you like the new me?

Wolf: We'll see how you can do against us in that tin can suit.

The Wolfens land behind Star Wolf, and Star Wolf boards the ships. Panther is keeping Krystal behind his pilot's seat. The Wolfens fly off, and Falco follows.

Panther: Be careful with your shooting this time bird brain. You wouldn't want to hurt the beautiful young lady who's with us would you?

Falco: I won't have to! (Grabs Panther's Wolfen, rips off the cockpit, takes Krystal out, and throws Panther off to the distance along with his ship.


Falco: That was easy! Who wants some more?!

Chapter 6-The End

Okay, ya got me. I got the transforming Arwing idea from Transformers.

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Well, I must say that I thought this fic had a somewhat slow start, but its really caught fire now. Its getting better, in fact, with every chapter. So, keep it up.  :oops:

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Here's the latest chapter.

Chapter 7: Rumbling Robots

Fox and Slippy have just entered the area where Falco is battling Star Wolf. After setting Krystal safely down in a nearby park, Falco has begun to repeatedly shoot at the remaining Wolfens, gets a couple of hits in on Leon's ship, and takes a strong hit from Wolf. Fox and Slippy transform once they get to the hotel. The populace of the city watch the battle in shock.

Fox: Let's go!! We gotta get up there!! (They fly up to the roof) Falco's gonna need our help!!

Slippy: Right!!

Falco: You guys won't beat us like last time!!

Oikonny: Watch it bird brain!! (Fox and Slippy make it to the top of the building. Fox whips out a laser cannon and delivers several shots on Oikonny) ARGH!! Where did those things come from?!

Fox: Might as well give up and get lost Star Wolf! (Slippy jumps up and down swinging his fists at Leon as he flies by)

Slippy: I won't let guys like you push me around any longer! (Jumps as Leon dives at him while shooting) Take this! (Drop kicks Leon's ship causing it to crash land on a nearby roof top)


Slippy: I did it! I actually did it Fox! This is the first time I've managed to shoot down one of Wolf's men by myself! (Takes a charged shot from Wolf) AHH!! Somebody tagged me!

Wolf: Quite croaking and die toady!

Fox: Not so fast Wolf! (Fires continuously at Wolf, while Wolf dodges his shots) YYAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! (Three of the shots manage to hit Wolf)

Wolf: GRRAAAHH!! (Bangs his fists) You just got lucky you stupid dog!! (Fires a Nova Bomb which severely damages Fox)

Fox: GRRR!! This isn't over Wolf!! (Fires another barrage at Wolf, this time taking him down)

Wolf: OHH NNOOOOOO!!!! (Crashes into the streets)

Falco: You did it Fox!

Fox: Where's Krystal? Is she safe?

Falco: I set her down in that park over there. (Points to the West. Fox and Slippy turn around to see Krystal standing by a park bench)

Fox: Hang on! I'll go pick her up. (Jumps down and lands on the road next to the park. Krystal backs away in fear, and Fox transforms back)

Krystal: Who are you? Why did you and your friends help me?

Fox: You know I'd never let anyone hurt my fianc'e. (Climbs out. He and Krystal run to each other and hug)

Krystal: Fox!

Fox: Krystal!

Krystal: I was scared I'd never see you again, but I knew I would. (Everyone looks up as a hologram of Andross's face appears in the sky, laughing maniacally)

Andross: AHH HA HA HA HA HA!!!! AHH HA HA HA HA HA!!!! You think you're so lucky this time, don't you Star Fox?

Fox: Give it up Andross! We've already saved Krystal and dealt with your hired thugs!

Andross: They're not my only resources. Unfortunately for you, the Cornerian army hasn't had the chance to tell you about why they wanted your help in fighting against me.

Slippy: What's he talking about this time? What did he mean by resources?

Andross: Look up in the sky and see for yourself.

Everyone watches as Andross's suspiciously new fleet arrives in the skies of Katina.

Fox: This doesn't look good.

Chapter 7-The End

There's the latest chapter. Well, not really. I hope you enjoyed this part.

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Wow, you update quickly.  Despite a few spelling and grammatical errors, I like the plot thus far, and Transformers crossover midway through was a nice surprise.  However, some of these short chapters would be much better off combined, as in an entire battle included in one chapter, rather than a series.  It reduces breaks in the action, especially at climatic points.

Looking forward to your next chapter, though I suspect I won't have to wait very long, :wink:

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Wow, you update quickly.  Despite a few spelling and grammatical errors, I like the plot thus far, and Transformers crossover midway through was a nice surprise.  However, some of these short chapters would be much better off combined, as in an entire battle included in one chapter, rather than a series.  It reduces breaks in the action, especially at climatic points.

Looking forward to your next chapter, though I suspect I won't have to wait very long, ;)

I just fixed that problem today, so any of your previous posts on my story might not make any sense anymore.

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This is the newest chapter.

Chapter 8: The New Arwings

Andross's fleet starts shooting at the buildings of Katina City.

Fox: We have to get back up there or Andross will take a lot of lives!

Krystal: What about me?!

Fox: There might be enough room behind my pilot's seat to squeeze you in. I'll take you to the base where we got the new ships. There's a fourth one waiting there. Let's go!!

Krystal: Right!!

Fox and Krystal get in Fox's Arwing and fly off. A group of enemy fighters catches sight of them retreating.

Enemy Pilot#1: The target's escaping with an ally of her's! Pursue and attack the enemy!

Enemy Pilot#2: Copy that! Pursue the enemy! We can't let him get away with Princess Krystal! (The enemy fighters follow Fox and Krystal. Krystal senses them coming)

Krystal: I'm picking up a large cluster of brain patterns from a group of individuals. Fox! They're enemy fighters!

Fox: I think I know how to evade these guys! (Fox fires a Nova Bomb, detonates it, flies up and over it, and the enemy fighters fly into it resulting in their destruction) That was close.

Krystal: Too close for comfort!

Fox: Falco! Slippy! The enemies at Katina City are all yours for now!

Slippy: You can count on us Fox!

Falco: We'll get through things perfectly as long as webfoot doesn't screw things up for us!

Slippy: Shut your trap Falco!

Falco and Slippy fly around and shoot down several enemy fighters one at a time. Falco locks onto a small group of enemy ships with a charged shot and fires, destroying the enemy ships he targeted.

Falco: Enemy ships shot down! That was a piece of cake!

Slippy: I bet I can do better than that. (Fires a laser barrage and takes down a small group of enemy fighters) Seems I've become a more sharp shooter than I used to be. Good thing I practiced.

Fox and Krystal have now reached the base. Krystal rushes inside, boards the remaining Arwing, and flies off with Fox back to Katina City. Another group of enemy ships encounters the two of them.

Enemy Pilot: The enemy's coming back at us! This time they've brought a second ship with them! (Fox and Krystal's ships transform to robot mode) What the heck are they doing?!!

Fox fires multiple laser shots and takes down half of the enemy ships. Krystal downs the other half by slashing them with her Arwing's swords.

Krystal: I've always preferred hand to hand combat, but I'd still like to try the lasers on this thing.

Fox: You'll have the chance when we get back to the city. Slippy and Falco, Krystal and I are back with some extra fire power!

Slippy: It's a good thing too! The enemy's starting to get really nasty on us!

Falco: Come back and help if you want, but I'll be fine. Haven't even gotten a scratch on my wings, and I don't think I will today.

Krystal: Don't get too cocky Falco! We've only just begun this battle!

Chapter 8-The End

The next chapter will conclude the fight. I hope you liked this one.

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All told, its pretty good. I'm not a fan of the "script"-style format or the random word-stressing, but by all means, keep going.

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Here's the next chapter.

Chapter 9: Recaptured

Falco and Slippy continue to fend off enemy fighters in Katina City. Several more enemy ships are shot down, while Slippy takes a few hits to his legs.

Slippy: OW! OW! OW!

Falco: Pipe down Slippy! Fox and his squeeze will be here in a moment! (Fox and Krystal fly in)

Krystal: We're here right now! (Launches a Nova Bomb taking out several enemy ships)

Falco: Nice shot coming from ya Krystal!

Andross's Voice: You're getting lucky this time Star Fox, but I have a secret weapon up my sleeve! (A purple laser beam shoots down from the sky and captures Krystal)

Krystal: Ahh!! Let go of me you beast!!

Andross: Shame on you Krystal! I thought you wanted to save Cerinia! If you don't come with me you won't be able to do that.

Falco: What's he talking about this time?!

Fox: Don't underestimate him Falco. Andross, what do you want with Krystal?!

Andross: I had a feeling you'd ask that Fox. All remaining troops dismissed! (The remnants of Andross's army fly away) How about her majesty tells you herself? Well my dear?

Krystal: .........He's not lying Fox. He's the one who froze Cerinia and killed the populace. He says that I'm the key to Cerinia's revival.

Fox: How's that?

Andross: Her staff. Her staff holds the ancient power needed to save Cerinia, and she's the only one who can harness it. It's the almighty Staff Of The Krazoa.

Slippy: The Krazoa. That must mean that both Cerinia and Sauria once housed the Krazoa.

Krystal: Fox, he might be telling the truth. Please....understand.

Fox: .............

Falco: Fox? You gonna be okay?

Fox: I'll be fine. I just wanted to make sure Krystal is gonna be safe.

Andross: She will be safe Fox. We'll meet again soon. Real soon.

Krystal is pulled all the way into Andross's large command ship, which flies away after the tractor beam door closes. Fox, Falco, and Slippy's Arwings transform back. They fly off into space. Falco seems upset about Fox's choice.

Falco: Fox. Are we just gonna stand here and do nothing about this?

Fox: Krystal's right. Andross could be telling the truth about Cerinia. About her parents. About her family. If we broke her out we would be tearing out a big chunk of her heart.

Falco: But it's not right! You two love each other and (Fox interrupts)

Fox: She said she'll be fine with it!! Do you even know how much it means to her to see her parents alive?!!

Falco: .....Yeah....I'm sorry..... (Peppy contacts them)

Peppy: Star Fox it's an emergency! I forgot to inform you of what Andross has been up to!

Slippy: What's wrong general?

Peppy: Krystal's home planet is enriched with a magical energy powerful enough to power anything! If Andross accesses the magic, who know's what he'll use it for!

Fox: Andross is gonna.....What have I done?! I've doomed that entire planet! Falco!! Slippy!! We gotta follow Andross pronto!!

Slippy: I'm right behind you Fox!!

Falco: I'm with you on this one Fox!!

Slippy: But Peppy, what about the new Arwings you gave us? Don't you want them back?

Peppy: Keep them! You'll need them for this mission! The Cornerian army will arrive at Cerinia to cover you! Good to us all! Peppy signing off! (Hangs up)

Chapter 9-The End

Good chapter isn't it?

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Get ready for the next chapter.

Chapter 10: Surviving Serial Killers

The Cornerian military is disposing of the various wreckages in Katina City from Star Fox's recent battle with

Andross's army. A few soldiers are investigating the smoking wreckages of Star Wolf's Wolfens.

Soldier #1: This doesn't look good. You think they escaped again?

Soldier #2: Star Wolf has survived various battles like the one they had earlier, but judging from the remains of their ships I don't think they survived. (A blaster is secretly raised up behind him) We still don't really (Gets shot) AHH!!! (Drops dead)

Soldier #2: WHOOOAAAAA!! (Shoots at the attacker but gets shot in his left thigh) AHH!!!! (Drops dead)

Wolf's shadowy figure stands over top of the two soldiers. His body is covered with various burn marks, a tear in his shirt, and a violent looking scar on his right hand palm.

Wolf: You and you're friend here won't be cleaning up war debris where you're going. (Speaks into his communicator) DEATH! Prepare us some spare ships for when we get back!

DEATH: Acknowledged master.

Wolf: When we get back to the stars, we'll hunt down Star Fox once and for all.

Nearby Soldier: FREEZE!! (Wolf turns around to him and several other Cornerian soldiers) You're under arrest as an enemy of the Lylat System welfare, and for your various other dirty dealings!

Wolf: Why don't you just shut it!!

Wolf rolls forward and punches the soldier right in his ribs knocking him unconscious. He then kicks and punches several of the other soldiers in their faces, arms, and mostly chests, knocking them to the ground with several blows. Wolf sees that several Cornerian fighters and Katinan police officers have him at gunpoint.

Wolf: Guess my little game of Ring Around The Rosie is over. How about some follow the leader?!!

Wolf runs off provoking the authorities to open fire. Unfortunately they miss. Wolf takes out a hand grenade and throws it at them behind them. The grenade explodes, killing the police, and destroying the Cornerian fighters. Wolf smiles devilishly at the terrible violence he's brought up, and continues on his run from his pursuers. Eventually after a few more minutes of running and hiding he meets up with Leon, Panther, and Oikonny, who have suffered very similar injuries to Wolf's.

Leon: 'Bout time we caught up with you. So what's our plan now? Our ships have been grounded, it'll take a while for DEATH to get new ones ready for us, and the fuzz is on our tails.

Panther: If we don't get out of here soon we'll be cat gut, and I'll never see my dearest Krystal again.

Wolf: Normally I'd bash your head in for acting all sappy and sensitive Panther, but we've already been thrashed around enough for now!!

Oikonny: He's right men! We're going to need to find a good hideaway until we can recover. That problem happens to be taken care of. Beforehand I told DEATH that we would need to be transported back on board the Menacing Wolf in case of medical issues, so he should beam us back on board right about......now!!

Star Wolf vanishes in a spooky flash of purple light that engulfs them. The same light appears as they now stand on the

Menacing Wolf's bridge. DEATH greets them.

DEATH: Welcome back masters. May I be of service?

Panther: Of course you mindless piece of scrap metal! Get the medical supply section of the ship up and running! I want to look good for my triumphant return to Krystal's presence, and I'm not in my best of moods today, so make it quick!

Wolf: You're even crankier with the robot than I am. I think I'll take back some of the threats I made to you earlier. After I heal up first.

Panther: Thank you very much Wolf. (Sits down on a chair) Aaaahhhhhh....It feels good to sit back down for a moment. (Leon sits down)

Leon: Grrr!! I can feel a burning in my legs, and I have bruises in unmentionable places!!

Oikonny: Shut up you kitschy chameleon. My ego needs a good long cool down, and I don't want you bothering me for the time being.

DEATH's Voice: Masters, the medical room is ready for any needed procedures. Please enter when you're ready.

Oikonny: I guess that's my cue. (Gets up and heads for the medical room)

Chapter 10-The End

There's the latest chapter. Enjoy my friends!

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Get ready. This is one of the last chapters. I'll have to write the climax soon.

Chapter 11: Resurrection

Andross's command ship stops in front of Cerinia. On the main bridge, Krystal is watched by Andross and the ship's crew as she stands in the center. Krystal holds onto her staff tightly full of anticipation.

Krystal: Please....please let this work...

Krystal holds the staff more tightly, which starts glowing a powerful bright blue along with her entire body. Krystal begins to speak a sacred Cerinian chant to unlock her staff's revival power.

Krystal: Those with pure hearts, those put in dismay, those without life, come back to life today. A chosen one, to save us all, fear not my people, for you shall never fall!!

The entire area around her is engulfed in the blue light emitting from her. In a strong flash the light reaches Cerinia, beginning it's life giving process. Down on the planet ice quickly chips off everyone and everything that was frozen. The Cerinian soldiers who were killed by Andross's attack even come back to life, their fatal injuries vanishing as if they weren't even there before. Krystal's parents, King Allan and Queen Kira, wake up to be greeted by their now revived royal guards.

Guard #1: Your highnesses! You have to come outside the palace to see what's happening!

Guard #2: It's a miracle! The prophecy has been fulfilled!

Allan: It has?!

Kira: Then that means... (The two of them rush outside with the guards and look up at the amazing sight) Oh Allan, it worked out according to plan.

Allan: Yes Kira. It's just as the prophecy foretold. ("Krystal....Our one and only daughter..We'll be reunited at last...")

The light goes out after restoring Cerinia to it's beautiful tropical environment. Back on Andross's ship, Krystal is relieved that she has restored life to her home planet, and it's population.

Krystal: It's a dream come true.

Andross: Indeed it is. Especially for me!

Krystal: What are you talking about Andross?!!

Andross: Foolish girl, did you really think I would have the heart to bring an entire civilization back to life just for the sake of it? Now I can begin my plan of action! Bring us down to Cerinia's airspace! I want to give them a little surprise visit.

Operator: Yes emperor!

The ship flies down into view of Cerinia's capital city. A large screen is projected in front of the ship before everyone. Andross appears on the screen.

Andross: Nice to see you again planet Cerinia! HA HA HA HA HA!!! I have a little proposition for King Allan and Queen Kira. (Allan and Kira stand before him on top of the palace)

Allan: Andross you maniac!! What do you want from us?!

Andross: Just a little ultimatum for you. (Holds Krystal up against his left) Either you give me complete control of Cerinia and it's magic or Princess Krystal dies! (Everyone gasps)

Krystal: Mother! Father! Don't do what he says! If he gets his hands on our planet's magic he could..

Kira: We know Krystal. We wouldn't even think of letting the magic fall into the wrong hands.

Andross: Very well, I guess your daughter's life ends here! (Whips out a large knife, which makes the crowd gasp once more)

Allan: STOP!! (Andross puts the blade away) At your request Andross, and in exchange for Krystal's life, you are now in complete control of Cerinia as of today. (The crowd begins to panic)

Andross: Very good choice your majesty. I knew you wouldn't risk your daughter's life over your political power.

Meanwhile, the Great Fox has flow in from the east end of the Krazoa Galaxy, which is only a small flight to Cerinia. Fox, Falco, and Slippy fly out of the Great Fox's hangar bay. Following behind them is the Cornerian Defense Fleet.

Fox: ROB! Can you pinpoint Krystal's current location?

ROB: Sensors indicate she is still on Andross's ship. Said ship is currently residing in the Cerinian atmosphere.

Slippy: It'll be difficult to attack that ship without hurting Krystal.

Falco: Not for me it won't be!! (Flies off for Andross's ship)

Slippy: Wait! Don't jump into this so quickly Falco! Bird brained numskull!

Falco reaches the location of Andross's ship. He opens fire at the rear end of the ship, which Andross and the other people on board feel.

Andross: ARGH!! Give us a damage report!!

Operator: That shot has disabled our thrusters sir! We won't be able to move for a while!

Andross: Who's the attacker?!

Operator: It's an Arwing class fighter craft!

Andross: The Star Fox team!

Chapter 11-The End

Hope you liked this new chapter.

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Get ready for the latest chapter.

Chapter 12: The Final Battle

Falco flies in circles around Andross's mother ship.

Falco: Give me your best shot ape man! If you think you're so tough, why don't you come out and fight me yourself?!

Andross: Why would I do that? I have an army to do it for me feather duster!! (Everyone watches as Andross's remaining troops fly in from the skies, but for some reason a cluster of explosions is behind them) What's happening now?!

Fox's Voice: You're dealing with a whole new Star Fox Andross! One not like the original!

Back out in orbit, Fox and Slippy are fighting some of Andross's troops as they fly in. Fox shoots down a few dozen of the enemy fighters, while Slippy manages to take out a small group, and suffer a little bit of damage.

Slippy: You creeps! I'll get you this time! (Transforms and fires upon a larger group of enemy fighters, destroying them) Woo hoo!!

Fox: Great shooting Slip! Now let's get down there to help Falco!

Fox and Slippy fly down to Cerinia. Once they get to the planet's skies, they see that Falco has a large group of enemy fighters chasing him. He takes a few shots from the rear and loses his right wing.


Fox: You don't have to tell us twice Falco! (Transforms and whips out his swords) Alright Andross, how about I use my special cutlery on your troops?!

Andross: Don't get too cocky Fox McCloud! If you destroy my ship, I'll take Krystal's life! (Krystal punches him in the stomach and breaks free of his grip) OW!! YOU BRAT!!! (Krystal gets her staff ready)

Krystal: This is for all the pain you've caused me!! (Starts swinging at Andross while he blocks her strikes with a lightsaber type blade) HAH!! HAH!! RRAAHHH!! (One more strike disarms Andross) ARGH!! (Stops) *pant**pant**pant* Now for the final strike.

(Pierces Andross's body with her staff) YAH!!

Andross: OOOOOHHHHH!!!!! (Krystal removes her staff as Andross falls to the floor) All units.....keep the battle..going....I won't needed for now...

Once he's stopped talking, Andross goes silent. Krystal waits in anticipation to what will happen next. To her surprise, Andross starts spewing sparks from his body. The sparks burn away his cloak, revealing that this particular Andross was a machine. Krystal gasps as the robot explodes right in front of her, leaving a large burnt area in it's place.

Krystal: I....I thought I killed him....But this was a fake. (Soldiers aboard the ship back away from her)

Soldier #1: Don't hurt us miss. We'll do as you wish.

Soldier #2: We have a comm system built into the dash board. Use it if you want.

Krystal: Well, alright. (Activates the comm) Fox, Falco, Slippy, come in!

Falco: Krystal! You're alive! We heard you fighting somebody and worried what was happening.

Fox: It sounded like you killed Andross personally, right in front of his troops.

Krystal: I didn't Fox. This Andross was an android used as a cover up. The real Andross is still out there somewhere.

Fox: Doesn't matter right now. We need you to get your ship back up and running and get out here. We could use some help.

Krystal: I'm on my way everyone!

Krystal runs out of the bridge, comes to a cargo hold, finds her ship and climbs aboard. Her Arwing blasts it's way right out of the rear entrance to the ship. The rest of Star Fox is still fighting the enemy. Krystal fires a cluster bomb and destroys a large group of enemy fighters.

Falco: Pretty good shooting sister! Glad you get back out on the battlefield!

Fox: We'll thank each other later! Right now we have an entire planet to save!

Slippy: Let's go!!

Star Fox continues fighting. They shoot down a few more enemy fighters. Falco targets a nearby battleship and shoots it down with a charged shot. Meanwhile out in Cerinia's orbit, the Cornerian fleet has arrived for support. Peppy and Bill are leading the main squadron.

Bill: Keep your guards up men! We have to go help Fox and his team! (Notices the large cloud from earlier heading down behind Cerinia) Oh no!! Not that thing again!!

Peppy: I've got a bad feeling about this! That cloud took out most of the Husky unit, so who knows what

it will do now.

Chapter 12: The End

Keep reading! I'm almost finished with the entire story!

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Nowm what you need to do, is put this WHOLE story into a book format. With paragraphs and everything lol. Then you should post this on ff.net. in the Starfox section. They got alot of good stories there, and the more stories the better. BTW people review them too, in case ur looking for feedback.

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Here's the next chapter!!

Chapter 13: The Real Andross?

Star Fox downs a few more enemy ships. Slippy manages to destroy a nearby battle carrier, when he notices the cloud floating in the sky.

Slippy: Hey!! What's that cloud?!

Krystal: I'm sensing some strong...brain patterns from it.........*gasp* It's...It's....

Andross: ME!!

The cloud disappears revealing the real Andross, which is basically giant versions of his hands and head.

Fox: Andross!!

Andross: My Venomian forces failed to destroy you yet again Star Fox, so I'll do it myself! Come to Cerinia's orbit and we shall have our final battle! (Flies off into orbit)

Falco: Let's go get 'em!

Krystal: I'll make him pay for terrorizing my people!

Slippy: This is scaaarrryy!

Fox: This time we'll destroy him with everything we've got!! Star Fox.....LET'S GO!!

Star Fox flies off after Andross. Just as they do, Peppy contacts them.

Peppy: Fox, you be careful out there. We'll handle the enemy army's remains down below.

Fox: Understood general. (Star Fox later comes to Andross) We're here like you wanted Andross, now let's get this fight over with, once and for all!!

Andross: So be it!

The battle begins. Andross swats at Star Fox with vicious swipes, while Star Fox dodges his giant hands. Andross uses his hands to deflect Star Fox's laser shots from his face. Then Andross puts his left hand in the shape of a handgun and fires a powerful laser beam, heavily damaging Slippy.

Slippy: AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! (Flies away back to the Great Fox) I can't take any more damage or I'm space dust!! It's up to you guys now!!

Falco: That's fine Slip! I can handle this big gorilla my self! (Andross starts inhaling)

Krystal: Do something quickly!

Falco: Got it!!

Falco fires a Nova Bomb into Andross's mouth. The bomb explodes inside Andross, tearing out the top right corner of his face.

Andross: AAAARRRRGGHH!!! You'll pay dearly for that my friend!! (Catches Falco in a quick clap attack, not killing Falco, but breaking off his wings)

Falco: WHOA!! (Tries to transform, but nothing happens) My transformation what's it's broken!! I'm outta here!! (Flies away) Sorry Fox!

Krystal: Fox!! Try taking out his hands first!!

Fox: Will do Krystal!!

Fox transforms, whips out his swords, and stabs through the palm of Andross's right hand. He then throws the hand off his sword, into the other hand, causing them to explode upon collision.

Andross: NOOOO!!! You've reduced my chances of success!! There is only one way for me out of this fight, and that is to take you down with me!

Krystal: Don't be a fool Andross!! If you self destruct you'll kill all of us!!

Andross: That my dear Krystal is the price I must pay for victory!! RRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

Andross explodes in a huge flash of white light. Fox saves himself and Krystal from the blast by carrying her ship to the Great Fox. The two of them head into the Great Fox. Thankfully, the explosion doesn't harm Cerinia in any matter.

Chapter 13: The End

The climax is over!! The final chapter will be up shortly!

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This was actually timed perfectly, because I just read the book Cat's Cradle, which ends with the world being frozen in a way very similar to Cerinia. What a coincidence.  O_o

Anyways, if you haven't already posted this on FF.net or anything, I'd like to offer a bit of constructive criticism. There isn't much dramatic buildup to the team finding out that its Cerinia, because we already know that that was where they were going. Its already been established that Krystal's parents ruled Cerinia, so its not particularly surprising when we find out where they are. Also, there are a few spelling mistakes throughout the story.

Hope I wasn't too nitpicky.

I would post this story on FanFiction.net, but they don't except too many script format stories. Plus I don't know how.

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Final chapter!!

Chapter 14: Family Reunion

As the explosion clears, everyone sees that Andross is no more. Most of the Venomain fleet has been wiped out, with only a few hundred ships remaining. Said ships flee from Cerinia. The Cerinian populace and Cornerian army cheer as the Great Fox flies down from the skies, and lands outside the Cerinian capital. Star Fox enter the royal palace, and are greeted by King Allan, Queen Kira, and the royal guards that were with them the whole time. Krystal runs over and gives her parents a big hug.

Krystal: Mother!! Father!! I'm so glad to finally see you again!!

Allan: Krystal!!

Kira: You've become so strong daughter!!

Allan: I think you should introduce us to your friends.

Krystal: Yes of course. (The hugging stops, as Krystal faces Fox, Falco, and Slippy) Everyone, may I present..

Several guards stand in rows of 4 on both sides of the walkway. They blow trumpets as Fox, Falco, and Slippy kneel before the King and Queen. As the trumpet players stop, Allan and Kira stand before Star Fox.

Allan: I am King Allan of Cerinia. The woman next to me is my lovely wife Kira.

Kira: We wish to know who our saviors are. (Star Fox stands up)

Fox: I am Fox McCloud. The two men behind me are Falco Lombardi and Slippy Toad. Together, along with Krystal, we make up the Star Fox team.

Allan: Star Fox.... I've heard that name throughout the stars, but I never knew who they were.

Krystal: Father, may I say something?

Allan: Go right ahead.

Krystal: A few days ago Fox and I...got engaged. I wish to marry this man.

Allan: If that is his choice. He's earned your hand in marriage. (Fox thinks for a moment)

Fox: .....Yes!!

Everyone cheers as Fox and Krystal hug. Slippy starts to sniffle with joy, but Falco is rather amused, in a crude way.

Falco: There goes your virginity Fox.

A few months later, the royal wedding commences. Fox and Krystal stand before a priest at the altar in a church.

Priest: We are gathered here to join Fox McCloud and Princess Krystal in holy matramoney. If there are any objections to this union, speak now or forever hold your peace. (All's quiet) Very well then. Do you Fox, take Krystal to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Fox: Yes, I do.

Priest: Do you Krystal, take Fox to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Krystal: I do.

Priest: Then by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. (Everyone cheers) You may kiss the bride, unless your too nervous.

Fox and Krystal kiss. The Great Fox later flies off into the stars trailed by a large metal plate that says "Just married.". For a honeymoon, Fox and Krystal watch a beautiful sunset on Sauria.

Chapter 14-The End

This fic is dedicated to every cast member of the 1980s Transformers TV series who passed away.

Chris Latta

(Wheeljack, Starscream, Sparkplug)

Don Messick

(Ratchet, Gears, Scavenger)

Stan Jones


Ed Gilbert

(Blitzwing, Thrust)

Scatman Crothers


Roger C. Carmel


Walker Edmiston


Tony Pope

(A3, Wreck-Gar)

Robert Stack

(Ultra Magnus)

Lionel Stander


Orsen Welles


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