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Game Features You Hate


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I saw this on another forum, and thought it was good, with some interesting responces. So, I unapologetically nicked it.

Game features that irritate, annoy, or simply seem daft.

What is classed as a game feature? It has to be something added deliberatly. So things like glitchs and imbalance don't count. They have to have been put in (or left out) on purpose because it seemed like a good idea to someone.

For me, it's-

Unskipable Cutscenes

Because we want want to watch the boring chin wag over and over again every time we die. This includes Half Life style real time jobies.

Forced Stealth in action games.

Why am I hiding in bushes when I could take out this guy and all the backup he can muster?

Quicksave only checkpoints.

Small wonder why F5 isn't worn out yet. Kills the atmosphere. Removes any sence of danger.

Boys that look like girls.

I hate them. Esp when I have to play as them, stupid emo gits. A real man should be able to use the gents in any Europian country without people having to double check. I don't know why people think they look cool and tough. Meat Heads and Butch Chicks might be overdone, but they are preferable to these buggers.

Mark Pheonix and Master Cheif vs Any 2 'man' team of Final Fantasy characters who aren't barret, who would win... Thought so.

Your turn.

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Level based games with letter rankings, especially when you need higher rankings to unlock stuff. Levels are fine, I just don't like having to go back and figure out how to do every stage perfectly.

Turn based combat, because no one would really wait for you.

One chance events (ie. If you miss this bonus you can't go back for it.) I want to be able to work my way back to get missed items, and if not, I don't want to be able to move on without it.

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Guest Chiro-Chan

Ditto for the girly boys. *glares at Marth*

Characters that have been 'sexified' just to get people to play the game. *glares at like... 80% of all video games*

Lame cutscenes

Characters with unrealistic traits, such as Snake being a chainsmoker, and not having breathing problems because of it.

That's really about it.

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Puzzle mini-games that necessary to complete in a level in an action-oriented game. Big Red One stands out.

Password Save in the 21st century. Seriously, Command and Destroy?

Texts without voice-overs. Fire Emblem for the Game Boy Advance is understandable, but the Game Cube and the Wii should've gotten what we were paid for.

Dead AI. Dynasty Warriors is just awful and has been criticized for years, but apparently, only profit matters.

Pointless and repetitive objectives. Star Fox Assault.

What's wrong with Marth? He only looks a bit feminine in Melee, but that's 'cause they based it off an old design. In fact, the only thing that made him look a bit feminine was the tiara, which doesn't even any effect in Brawl.

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So what, gay orientation doesn't exist in games?

Since when did I say that? I'm not the one who believes that every male character that isn't extremely muscular is gay, because we all know that Fox is showing off his butt on purpose.

What if marth is in fact, a dirty butt pirate?

Then he wouldn't have Sheeda as his love interest.

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Bad controls - After bad gameplay, the quickest way to game failure is an unintuitive controls.

Bad lighting - True, lighting in 3D is a difficult science, but at least allow me to see what's right in front of me (I'm talking to you first and second generation Playstation titles).

Death by being crushed - Seriously, why, for all that is holy, are there car sized pistons in an abandoned warehouse?!

Death by spikes - Always out of place except for in an ACTUAL South American booby-trapped temple.

Death by drowning - This one's understandable for realism, but it strikes too close to home for me. In a normally friendly Mario game, death by drowning seems so sinister.

Gore/Excessive Violence - I shot you. I don't need to see brain and kidney bits hit the camera to understand this.

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Just to clarafy, they have to be on purpose. I don't think if a cutscene is boring or the AI is rubbish the designers went "let's have crap cutscenes and rubbish AI. They were probley doing there best, unless that was the idea, in which case. D:

I don't mind text only cutscenes as long as it's compleing, though why some games like parasite eve (where they have characters only say there first lines) it is a mystery.

Bad lighting I also agree with, but for me it's all these fancy HDR bloom things. I don't like 360 racing games because I can't see what I'm doing. I remember playing this one game where the blad guys head had bloom. That was funny.

As for gore, I like it, esp when it's comical. Smod has a fun one where a headshot would have a little fountain, and if gibbed you could eat the bits for health. :D

gay orientation doesn't exist in games?

People often moan that there isn't enough black guys in games, I disagreed, but I think you make a good point there. I can't name a single gay person in a game that isnt the sims. Over sex lesbians for horny teenagers don't count.

I uninstalled the sims 2, but it was my robot flatmate/butler/maid that was gay for my nabour. :P

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