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Planned forum maintenace complete


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I have finished all planned maintenance of the forums. The gallery and chat plugins are now gone. You can still get to the IRC chatroom with an external client if you wish.

I have also upgraded the software to version 1.1.4. Please be on the lookout for bugs, broken things, etc. and let me know ASAP if you see something.

Sadly, I can't say that I am confident that this fixed the speed issues as of late. Research is showing that GoDaddy's database servers are slow for a lot of people, so there may not be anything we can do until the server move.

Also, after the server move I will be installing a private chat server on SFO that will be web-based. If it is in at least release candidate stage by then, the forums will be upgraded to SMF 2 at that time as well. That move will likely break our custom theme, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Please be aware that when we do do the server move, there WILL be downtime.To prevent data loss, the forums and site will need to be shut down right before the move. Due to DNS, it could take as much as 72 hours for some people to hit the site after the move.

We don't have a concrete date for the move, but it will probably be in early summer.

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