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Game Features You Love


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If we're going to bemoan the things we hate in games, it's only fair that we also praise the things we enjoy. Again, try to keep to design choices rather than accidental features.

Level editors - Nothing says play me again like making your own rules.

Sound test - all the music and sfx individually playable for your enjoyment (and a whole range of other uses)

Save anywhere - Don't know whats around the corner, save first. About to make a major decision, save first. See a chance to fail in a spectacularly glorific manner, save first.

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I don't like the quick save system, I prefer good checkpoints. Halo 1 and HL2 did them well, albeit sometimes facing the wrong way.

Guns that go 'OMPH!'. - Little is as stisfying as blowing someone away with a meaty looking and sounding weapon.

Difficulty Levels- When it changes the game to a great degree, not just damage delt and received, I like. See Halo and Doom again.

Loads of unlocks- Starting with a screen of padlocks, and 20 hours later having loads of new features is one of my favourite parts of games. Got to be good things like new items or costumes.

Play as the bad guy/alien- I have a hatered of humanity, so I love playing the big bad, and taking it to those goody to shoes once in a while. On a related note, Bowser and Wolf really need there own games.

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Guest Chiro-Chan

Memorable characters- What I mean is a character that really lays an impression on you. Like, there's something about that character that sticks in your head forever, and you just can't help but love.

Decent stories- Once again, for the same reason above. There's something about the story that's good, and is memorable. This doesn't mean 'HUGE EPIC STORY LOL', but something that gets the message across.

Music- I don't mean like the song that you heard in some elevator that gets stuck in your head for three hours and drives you insane. I mean like the song that gets stuck in your head for 3 hours, and you're rocking out in your mind to it, or humming it to yourself.

Good controls- A lot of times, this makes or breaks a game. Pretty self explanatory.

I dunno, I just like those games that you can play, and it sticks in your mind forever for whatever reason.

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