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Starfox Rivalry


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This story is about the starfox team meeting new allies and new enemies too! (Please remember that i made up everyone except for the starfox people)  I also might make really short chapters. Like 3 paragraphs long or something maybe 5.


Chapter 1-The New Hero in Town

            It was the hottest day in Corneria that has ever came.  Fox's friends were fighting the anglar forces when Slippy got shot down.  "SLIPPY!" Falco had shouted.  Slippy cried, "HELP ME!"  He ejected himself out of his ship and was safe until an anglar airship swooped down and captured him. The same thing happened with Krystal.  Then, Falco.  Fox new that he was next.

          An anglar ship was about to hit Fox's ship when Falco jumped out of the anglar ship that captured him, turned his reflector on, then threw it in front of Fox's ship.  The shot was deflected and Falco jumped in Fox's ship.  The anglar forces got mad.  The mothership came and was about to shoot them down when Rob shot a missle from the Great Fox and shot it down.  This made the anglar forces furious.  They sent out all of their motherships and attacked.  Now Fox new that he was doomed.  Suddenly, about 50 shots came and shot all of them down.  "Who is that?" asked Falco.

          There were two ships, one with about 50 shooters, and one with one shooter.  A lizard came out of the ship with 50 shooters and said, "I'm Chrome the robotic lizard, do you like my ship, the metal dot?"  A chameleon came from the other ship and added, "I'm Sly the chameleon, and this is my ship, the scale tail."  Slippy and Krystal came flying from the air onto Fox's ship and said, "Thanks guys you rule!"  "Come with me and I'll introduce you to Commander Sam, the Racoon.


So that is the end of chapter one.  Tell me how you like it and I will make chapter 2.


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Well, it's interesting. If I were you, I'd keep going.

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