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sf vs sw sum potty mouth language

Splinter Sensei

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This is my first ever fan fic or story I have ever written so it will be sloppy and

(Warning profanity there is cussing in this story)

so here is starfox vs starwolf!


Its been three months since the anglar war, and general pepper is out of his sick bed. The starfox team has been reunited and is on patrol duty. General Pepper has assined fox falco and slippy to investigate unautherized aircraft flying over a non flight zone on Fachina!

fox spots enemy aircraft

Fox: Looks like we got some die hard andross army veterans here fire at will!

Falco: Way ahead of ya

Slippy: Fox help me!!!!!

fox: dammit slippy

fox does a u turn to slipys postitoin locks on the enemy fires a blast of plasma blowing the ship to pieces.

then Out of thecorner of fox eye he sees 3 familar aircraft.

falco: starwolf?

Wolf: What are you faggots up to now!

Leon: this is payback from earleir bird!

Panther: your Froggy ass is mine!

Fox: Im gonna kill you this time wolf

All three members of starwolf swoop down and get behing all three awrings.

falco: ahhhh cant shake em

Leon: im gonna torture you for awhille

pather fires on slippy

slippy: ahhhh im hit

panther: your mine bitch!

Wolf is firing rounds on fox

fox engages in a long barrol roll

Wolf: ha your dead meat when you come out of that roll

Fox gets dizzy from the huge amounts of g_force in the roll

Wolf keeps firing at fox griping the controls tightly then wiping the sweat off his brow this is what hes been waiting for to end the legacy of starfox!

fox, hits the brakes while in a barrel roll while wolf flies over him

Wolf : What the hell?

Fox; Your gonna pay for what you did to my father!

WOlf dont Get too cocky starfox!

Wolf. leaves a trail of mines behind his wolfen fox flies right into them weakining the awrings shields.

in the meantime panther has already made short work of slippy forcing slippy to retreat to the great fox!

leon is working falco over.

Falco:i cant take any more damage im out

Leon: Looks like I fucked the bird into submmision!

falco returns to the greatfox.

All three wolfens gaang up on fox!

Wolf: im going to make you wish that your petty mother never gave birth to you!

Fox is completly surrounded

fox damn i cant hit the brakes because i will crash itno panter and leon. i cant loop either.

wolf fires round at fox hitting him hard

Fox tries to barrol roll but cant

Fox: fuck my controlls are jammed from the impact!

wolf has his finger over the button that will kill fox

Wolfs thoughts........

Ive waited so long for this

wolf presses button a nova bomb is shot at fox ship

and explodes on impact.

Fox ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

fox is defenceless as he falls thousand of miles above the ground his controls jammed he cant eject.

panther and leon: HOOOORAH! VICTORY IS OURS!

wolf feels like a Knife has gone threw his heart do i actually feel guilty? Hve i gotton soft for fox?

Wolf breaks out in tears

Leon: are you crying?!

panther:tears of joy my friend!

Wolf hell no im not crying wolf wacthes fox fall below.

What should I do wonders wolf My wolfen has enough speed to dive down ward and save him but doing so he will never be able to have loens and panthers respect or even be leader as starwolf.


I have to act fast

will wolf save fox find out next time...............................

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He will and he will tell panther and leon he did it so Fox has to live knowing his ass was kick like ever.

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Leon: Looks like I -F-Bomb-ed the bird into submmision!

ahem...... you f-ed the bird into submission? 

lol j/k

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