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Pigma the traitor

Splinter Sensei

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I was wondering how did pigma and starwolf capture james and what happend in between

and how peppy escaped any ideas? And how did andross kill james if he even did kill him?

any ideas?

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I imagine James was most likely killed during the escape attempt, allowing Peppy to get free.

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I think James wanted to be a hero and he stayed and fought andross and starwolf for peppy to run.

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Boredom+Sol+ Computer= This

-Before the Betrayal-

Pigma: Hay gaiz, I'm wanna letchu kno dat I'm gunna betray you liek at an inconvienient time lawl.

James: Yeah, okay Pigma whatever you say.

Peppy: James, don't you think we oughta take that into consideration? I mean, he actually might do it.

James: Pep, this is Pigma we're talking about, PIGMA of all people. He couldn't betray us. He's too dumb to think of something like that.

Peppy: Well, I guess you're right.

Pigma: Hai guyz, R we gunna eat or wut? I'm hungry. *snort*

Peppy: But you just ate like 10 minutes ago.

Pigma: Wuzzat got to do widdit? *Oink*

Peppy and James: .....

-The Betrayal-

Andross: Hahahaha....I've got you right where I want you team Star Fox. Too bad I can't come up with a pun at the moment.

James: Hmmmmm....Seems, like we got you outnumbered Andross.

Pigma: Nawt Rly. *Flies over to Andross's side* Weeeeeee! *snort* Now it's duhhhhhhhh.....*tries to count*


Pigma: Yeah, Even you idiot!

James: Pigma *sighs*, you actually this is betrayal? Because I can simply fly over to where you're at, then I would be "betraying" too.

Pigma: Noooooo, this is. *shoots laser at James's arwing* Pew! Pew! *laughs then snorts*

James: Dammit! I'm hit! My ship is going to crash! Peppy? Peppy...! I need you to.....

Peppy: I know, I know. I'm Getting the hell outta here. Bye! *uses the boost to get away*

James: *sighs* I was going to say "Back me up."

Andross: Hah-hah-hah! It seems the tides have turned in my favor.

Pigma: Hay Andross, can I get my sandwich nao?

Andross: Yes, you can have your sandwich.

Pigma: Make sure to make my sandwich with extra bacon! I like bacon! *snort*

James: How very lovely Pigma, you sold me out for a stupid sandwich. You fat sack of crap.

-Ship Explodes-

The End

Yeeeeeah, I have way too much time on my hands.

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^ Why thank you! :P I do it for lulz.

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But pigmas more greedy for money than he is for food

or is he?

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It has never been canonically confirmed that Star Wolf had anything to do with James' death.

All we know is that James and Peppy were both captured, with Peppy being the only one to escape.

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Depends upon how you view their characters. The Japanese version of the canon hints that Wolf and James had history, but not that Wolf had any responsibility for what happened.

Now that I think of it, I think the SF64 guide mentioned that Star Wolf was formed after these events.

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