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Hey guys! I thought it would be a good idea to archive all official Star Fox websites for the long haul. Starfox64.com has been gone for a long time, but I've managed to reconstruct most of it. In fact, here's what I have completely archived so far (including a couple of pictures that were hidden in the directories of the sites):

starfox.com - the current base leading to the Adventures, Assault, and Command pages

Star Fox Command American

Star Fox Assault American

Star Fox Adventures American

Star Fox 64 Nintendo.com info pages

StarFox64.com (reconstructed from Archive.org)

Star Fox 64 Japanese

Star Fox Adventures Japanese

Star Fox Japanese

I am about to get Star Fox Assault Japanese and Star Fox Command Japanese, as well as a few other odds and ends.

There were a lot of missing images in StarFox64.com. I was able to reconstruct most of the files, most of them navigational images, as well as adjusting the source so that they wouldn't be missed too much. There were a couple of images that were just gone and I don't know what they should be. So I left those as missing.

Also, the current site for Star Fox Assault is missing all the Fox wallpapers, for some reason. I personally had the highest resolution version, but I still need the lower resolution ones to make the site complete. I'M LOOKING FOR THE ORIGINAL WALLPAPERS TITLED:




FOR FOX! Do you have these? Here's what the big one looks like:


I'll be putting these up for all Star Fox fans to enjoy and use on the homepage.

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Complete backups are posted now!


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