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Site Vote Now! Server Move? You Decide!

Mr. Krystal

What do you want Starfox-Online.net to do?  

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  1. 1. What do you want Starfox-Online.net to do?

    • Stay with GoDaddy
    • Move to Dreamhost
    • Other (please specify)

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Now is the time folks. We need to decide pretty soon if we want to move to another server. This is an important decision. Let me break down the history briefly.

We started off with the redesign on GoDaddy. While initially they had good service, we've seen forum speeds plummet at various times. They are also extremely difficult to use many server-side technologies with, flat-out preventing certain programs. More recently, in response to our questions on speed, they have somehow increased the speed so that forums work nice again, but the problem of application limitations remains.

My proposal is to move to Dreamhost hosting. I've been using them for a couple years and am very satisfied. Let me show you the pros and cons of a move.


Extremely open server, allowing just about anything to be used or installed, so long as we don't break the servers.

Effectively unlimited bandwidth and storage, since the amount provided increases each month significantly.

Slightly more reliable service. I've never had a slowdown despite running multiple instances of Wordpress from a single account.

Much easier to use and analyze.

We will likely never have to move again, since Dreamhost is considered towards (or at) the very top of the list of good non-dedicated hosts. You can't go up from the top.

With access to a more open infrastructure, we can have apps running or running more quickly, like a picture gallery, local chat, and possibly even our own wiki.


A bit more expensive per month.

The site would be down for anywhere between a few hours and 3 days.

A fair amount of work would need to be done by DZ and I during that downtime.

I am strongly for this move, and DZ is somewhere around neutral. We have decided to leave the choice up to you, the community, so your vote is very important! Please vote!

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  • Owner/Technical Admin

How is it more expensive? I pay only $10 a month for my service through Dreamhost! I currently have:

5664GB of bandwidth, growing at 40GB per week. I started with 3632GB.

I have a total disc space of 258.6GB.

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  • Owner/Technical Admin

I've never had troubles with my site's speed or reliability.

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Do as you all please. XD The pros seem to outweigh the cons, but who knows what will occur?

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Well, dreamhost certainly sounds better-- So if you're willing to pay the extra $3, I'm all for it.  :D

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