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The Liberation.

Guest Victor

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Attention everyone,Planet Daiku in the Lylat System has been taken over by the evil dictatorship.The resistence is fighting back but everything indicates that they are losing.We are going to battle in land,sea and air.Post your name species,etc,etc,etc.Let hte killing begin.StarFox will later appear in this Rp.

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Name: Lord John Edwards.

Age: 45.

Gender: Male.

Species: Human.

Side: Empire, probiding support to the evil dictatorship in exhange for loyalty.

Side in the Force: "The dark side of the force is a path to many abilities. Some considered to be unnatural."

Weapon: Advanced Double-bladed Lightsaber.

Objective: Spread the territory of the Galactic Imperial Republic trough the entire Universe.

"I shall destroy anyone who comes to interffere with my plans. Even though I will not probably be here personally to take you down myself, the dictator has full power of one of my fleets; Leviathan class Super Stardestroyers, Star destroyers, transports, artillery, armored vehircles, TEP Fighters and more. The rest of my forces are in a hidden, secret location. When the time comes... I shall come to finish you off! Till then... pray for your lives! Lord Edwards, over and out."

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Name:Victor Charizacus


Ship:Cerinian Dragon

Class:E-Class Arwing(Star Fox Assault Version.)

Weapons:Red Dragon Blaster Pistol, two Japanese Katanas.

Species:Golden Firred Vulpine

Planet of Birth:Macbeth.

I'm starting.

"A Bloodhound named Vottorio Luchesi has taken over Daiku, the resistance formed to eliminate the threat and restore peace to the planet and bring the old goverment back.A evuil from another galaxy has made a deal with Luchesi and now controls half of the fleet of this evil called a Sith Lord.Heavy casualties are being recorded.The time of freddom has begun.The Star Fox team and its friends will win this war." Victor Charizacus out-Transmission sent to Corneria and the rest of Lylat to bring help.

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