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Metroid Other M

Star Fox Runner

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What do you guys think of this game. I for one am hyped up something fierce about it. The fact that Team Ninja was picked to co-develop came as a surprise, but just from looking at the trailer tells me good things about it.

If you haven't seen the trailer, here it is.


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Guest Para Astaroth

I've seen it several times, but since I grew up with the Metroid, I suppose it looks better.  It's still First-Person but it was a creative idea to switch to Third-Person for finishers and takedowns.  Knowing Team Ninja, the cutscenes are going to look EXTREMELY good and their combat system is good also. (Play the Dead or Alive series, along with Ninja Gaiden, and see what I mean)

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To be honest when I first saw this trailer, the skies made me think of Kid Icarus, then the space came, I knew since it was a joint effort that it was a Metroid Title. I was a little surprised when this was announced but by the end of trailer those worries were mostly gone. As long as it continues the charm that the series has then I am happy.

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